Update 2.0.9 brings a number of changes and fixes to Lionheart: Dark Moon. Please check them out below:

Display Fixes:

  • The Portal menu had an issue causing the “Summon 1” button to be unresponsive if the “Summon 10” button was tapped while disabled first. This issue should now be resolved
  • The Portal menu’s “Not Enough Crowns” prompt had an issue causing it to display negative numbers of Crowns missing instead of the correct number of Crowns missing. This issue should now be resolved
  • An issue was introduced in 2.0.5 causing buying daily Shop items to no longer refresh the menu, leading to already-bought instances of those items to remain. Trying to buy those already-bought instances would cause a disconnection. This issue should now be resolved

Skill Fixes:

  • Enthorned Apothecary had an issue preventing him from being able to participate in friendship combos and command skills. This issue should now be resolved

Reward Fixes:

  • Arena Daily Gauntlet Chests should now be awarded at 6, 20, and 50 kills each day, down from 6, 30, and 70 kills
  • The set of heroes available from using Star Keys has been changed to a different set
  • A “Daily Free Coins” entry has been added to the Packs tab in the Shop, which should contain up to 1000 Coins to be collected for free once per day and reset at 0:00 UTC each day

Date Published: Jun 28, 2019