As the Summer starts to roll in, we have been working hard to bring more optimizations and bug fixing to Lionheart: Dark Moon.

  • Welcome Athura the Blessed, a Legendary Gaea Rose Elf, to the game!
  • Various new shop packs and bundles – these will be added in the days to come!
  • Optimization improvements!
  • A number of bug fixes have been made!

NEW HERO – Athura the Blessed

Gaea, Rose Elf, Legendary

One of the finest of the Rose Elf knights. Athura has been cursed with luck. A terrible luck that gifted her with beauty, grace and good fortune… but at the expensive of causing woe and misfortune to anyone nearby. She wanders the East, a kind but lonely soul, never resting for long.

Quote: “Athura? Truly the best of women but… I fear the kind of friend you need to keep at arm’s length.” Eloi, Rose Elf Noble

  • Lucky Strike Lvl 1 – Damage an enemy with a 50% chance to add a +50% damage bonus. Total 150% of base.
  • Lucky Strike Lvl 2 – + [25%] chance to do another [100%] extra damage. Total [250%]
  • Lucky Strike Lvl 3 – + [12.5%] chance to do another [150%] extra damage. Total [400%]
  • Luck Magnet Lvl 1 – Consume other heroes’ buffs to receive [+20%] ATK for each buff consumed.
  • Luck Magnet Lvl 2 – + More ATK [40%]
  • Misfortune Bringer Lvl 1 – Damage an enemy. Transfer all debuffs from Athura to target.
  • Misfortune Bringer Lvl 2 – + More damage
  • Not-So-Shiny Armor Lvl 1 – Protect! and Steal buffs from attackers for 2 turns.
  • Not-So-Shiny Armor Lvl 2 – + Reflect damage [50%]
  • A Blessed Curse – Passive. Gain [+50%] Crit Chance. All other heroes have [-50%] Crit Chance.
  • Rose Elf (Race) – Passive. Vanish at low HP.

Fixes & Changes

Performance Fixes:

  • The game should no longer get disconnected after consecutively equipping, upgrading, then unequipping a pet

Combat Fixes:

  • Protect should now also cause allies to take 30% less damage from skills that damage all allies

Guild Fixes:

  • Private Guild applications had an issue causing them not to disappear when rejected, so a subsequent attempt to reject them would cause a disconnection. This issue should now be resolved
  • When attempting to join a Public Guild that’s full, there was an issue allowing the join button to be enabled, but silently fail when pressed. In this case, the button should now be disabled with a tooltip explaining that the Guild is full
  • When editing one’s own Guild after having opened the Guild menu from the player profile menu, tapping the edit button opened the player profile menu instead. This issue should now be resolved
  • Guilds had an issue where, under unusual circumstances, promoting or demoting a member could attempt to promote or demote that member to their current rank, resulting in a disconnection. This issue should now be resolved

New Player Fixes/Changes:

  • Under rare circumstances, getting disconnected during the pet tutorial could cause the account to be permanently stuck in the pet tutorial. This issue should now be resolved

Miscellaneous Fixes/Changes:

  • The “LEVEL UP!” text in the Victory menu when a hero gains a level should now be localized

Date Published: May 21, 2019