Sacred Seasons is a free to play MMORPG.  There are over 90 playable classes, each with their own unique skillset and look. Enjoy endless hours of story, fight monsters with your friends and meet new ones.

Character Creation

With over 90 playable classes, Sacred Seasons offers countless ways to be playing. Be your group’s super healer with the priest or take all its damage with the guard.

Combat System

A familiar combat system that includes skills, statuses, bonuses and more. Easy to pick up with lots of depth to master.


Manage your own house and farm. Here you can craft new weapons, raise pets, grow plants, cook and more!

No Downlaod Required

Sacred Seasons 2 runs entirely in Flash. No need for a big download. Just click ‘Play’ and you’re in!


Fishing, mining, crafting, gardening, cooking and more. Explore the world for ingredients to craft the most powerful weapons in the game!


Show off your trusty sidekick in battle. There are hundreds of different types of pets you can collect and use in battle.