Emerald City Games is a collection of the best designers, developers and artists, and we’re looking for an awesome Game Designer to join our team!

Ideally someone that can handle a variety of different tasks who has a great work ethic and attitude. Your school experience and resume don’t really mean a lot here.

Your day to day tasks will include:

  • Analyze mobile titles for gameplay and other systems relevant to the game(s) you’re working on
  • Review and give feedback to other game designers in a collaborative environment
  • Document and communicate game systems to other disciplines with input from other designers
  • Tune and iterate on game balance or other gameplay systems on live projects and new titles in development
  • Analyze and report on live-product data
  • Playtest and provide feedback on in-development features and new products
  • Build free-to-play mobile games that you yourself would want to play!

Emerald City Games is unique, even by industry standards. It’s a great culture, that has you inspired every day. You need to be able to check off the following:

  • Be really good at what you do. We have a high standard. We like to give our devs a lot of responsibility and ownership.
  • Work hard. We want people to roll up their sleeves when they need to, while supporting and encouraging others!
  • Get along well with others. At ECG we see everyone as family. We pride ourselves on creating an environment that is supportive and offers equal opportunity for everyone!

We are 100% independent. We create our own worlds, we choose to work on the games we want to make, and you will not find a more talented, inspiring, down-to-earth group to join. Drop us a line if you’re interested in being a part of it.

Check out this video to get a sense of what the culture is like here.

Oh, and don’t think you need to be in Canada to apply. Our company has a long history of obtaining work visas. We want to work with the best, and we don’t let borders stop us.

Ready to jump into your dream job? Contact us at contact@emeraldcitygames.ca. Include your “Full Name | Position” in the subject line of your email.