After several months of internal development, we are excited to announce that on July 20th, G.I.Joe: War on Cobra is updating to version 2.0. This update completely revolutionizes the gameplay experience, with major changes to base building, combat, unit design, and much more!

In this blog we’ll discuss all the UPCOMING CHANGES and detail how commanding your troops on the battlefield is going to evolve.


Base Customization
Build your Joe or Cobra base anyway you please.

We’re removing the shackles of the previous system. You’ll now have access to multiple versions of almost all buildings, and the freedom to mix and match them, allowing you to to customize and improve your defenses like never before.

“You are deceived! This is no mere camp, it’s a fortress!”
– Cobra Commander

Edit Base Mode

Edit Base
When purchasing buildings from the store, they’ll instantly be placed in your Building Inventory, and can be added or removed from your layout using the new “EDIT BASE” mode. Designed to streamline and simplify base iteration, this mode is equipped with tools to help make your dream-base a reality.

Multiple Layouts

We’re giving players up to three layout slots per faction, so you’ll be able to construct and iterate on multiple strategies at once. Similar to the premade unit loadouts, each base can be as focused or as varied as you need them to be.

Simultaneous Upgrades

In order to take advantage of these base customization features, we’ve gotten rid of the single building construction limit. Now players are able to have many simultaneous building upgrades going at once, allowing them to spend more time iterating, and trying out bases, rather than waiting for buildings to upgrade one by one.

Building Points Limit

To help balance some of the new customization changes, we’ve introduced a “Building Points” system. Players will now have a Building Points limit for each base, determined by your HQ level, that caps how many buildings can be built, with each building having a specific Building Point value.
Building Points
“Time to show ’em how it’s done!”
– Scarlett


One of the defining features of the 2.0 update is a major shift towards more strategic offensive and defensive combat.

We’ve made sweeping changes to all areas of combat gameplay, both to the core mechanics, as well as the units themselves, to deliver a more rewarding overall experience. We felt this was a necessary move to help support a longer-term approach to gameplay enjoyment.

Now with more customizable bases, units with more well-defined roles, and mechanics that reward meaningful decisions, you’ll have an almost limitless amount of bases and counter-play to strategize over.

“Hard Master would have admired the emotionless efficiency of these Drones”
– Storm Shadow

Unit, Building & Command Re-Designs

We’ve looked at every unit, building and command and taken an uncompromising approach to the existing design. No characters were off limits.
Duke Concept Art
Extensive stat changes have been made to every unit in the game, giving them more purpose, strategy, and opportunities for counter play. Rather than using the same group of units over and over, players will need to make active decisions based on the type of challenge in front of them.

As an additional resource, extensive work has been done to allow you access to almost all unit attributes in the game. Players will see much more informative Unit Info and Building Info screens, to better inform their choices when selecting a roster.

Armor Rework

SNAKE Armour
One major change in design has been Armor. What used to be an additional bar of HP for Vehicle units is now a defined Armor stat held by all units, which reduces damage taken by the amount shown.

For example, if a unit would normally deal 80 Damage with an attack, against a unit with an Armor Value of 20, they will now do only 60 Damage (80 – 20 = 60). Generally, the more armor a unit has, the longer it will be able to survive, especially against units with a low damage per hit.

That being said, don’t pin all your hopes on one glorious steel behemoth! To make sure certain highly-armored units aren’t impenetrable, any armor reduction is only able to reduce a maximum of 90% of the incoming damage from an attack. There are also some armor-piercing attack types, such as the Cannon, which ignore Armor completely when calculating damage!

It’s a bit of a different approach than average armor systems, but we hope it will fit well with the other combat changes, and will play a key role in the counter play of battles going forward.

“That’s a good price. Trust me, I know my metal.”
– Destro

Air Combat Changes

We’re changing Air/Anti-Air combat, so that it’ll be less dominated by “hard counters”. Missile Turret range and effectiveness will be reduced, but more base defenses will now have the ability to target Air units, allowing Air units to be more integrated into combat deployment. Units attacking with the Missile attack type will also deal bonus damage to Air units.

Water Combat Changes

Water Combat
Ever looked out over the beautifully animated water of your base and thought “Why am I not taking advantage of this?” So have we.

To rectify that, we’ve decided to increase the playable and buildable water areas in your bases by 50%. Additionally, we’re adding more buildings that can be built on water, and allow all buildings and units on the water to take less damage from Land and Air units.

But watch out for Torpedoes! They’re a high-damage attack type, which deals high damage to all buildings and units in water.

AP Bar Change

As we began reimagining the design to provide more strategic gameplay, one topic came up over and over again: the AP bar.

Well we’ve taken a cold, hard look, and decided to change how it works. AP will no longer be earned by destroying enemy buildings, but will instead refill at a fixed rate over time. We wanted to limit the “steamroll” effect that frequently occurred when you gained an early advantage in AP, as well as prevent an immediate defeat when your early battlefield losses resulted in zero AP, and no way to deploy further units.

Time will now be the biggest factor to contend with, and making sure to defeat the enemy’s HQ before time runs out will be a bigger challenge than before. That being said, we greatly prefer the way battles play out now, and will continue to balance gameplay to support this direction.

Integrating Commands

Integrating Commands
We’re removing the concept of charges from all Commands, and are instead assigning them an AP value like other units. This means you can take advantage of Command abilities more frequently, drawing upon them freely in a tight situation, or when you have excess AP, and need to push your troops to victory.

We’re also combining the Command and Unit slots of your Roster, allowing you to more fully choose the way you like to fight, either going with a mix, or sacrificing Commands entirely, in order to bring additional units into play.

HQ Victory Requirement

When evaluating the kind of playstyles we wanted to encourage, and what we wanted to discourage, the conversation inevitably turned to “looters”, or players who would destroy just enough buildings and resources to count as a win, then retreat.

We determined that it wasn’t fair to players who had invested in their base defenses, nor was it part of the originally intended route to victory. So going forward, a battle will only result in a victory if the enemy’s HQ has been destroyed.

1 and 2 star defeats are now possible, will not result in trophy gains for the attacking player, and will count as successful defenses in a defending player’s battle log, though any resources stolen in these battles will still be rewarded/deducted.


A few more significant changes to be aware of.

No More World Map

Loading screens are fun, right? Well, not so much.

We took a long hard look at the state of the World Map, and all our possible design ambitions for it, but decided that as much as we’d like to make meaningful gameplay changes in this area, the time and effort required to make a noticeable difference would be better spent in other areas.

So to make navigation simpler, and get you back to the frontline faster, we’re removing the World Map. Now you’ll simply load up into a battlefield, customize your unit roster, and jump straight into the thick of the action. We hope to be able to bring the World Map back at a later date, when we have the opportunity to design it the way we always intended.

Expanded Unit and Building Info

Expanded Unit Info
Are you the type of commander that gets down and dirty in the digits?

To help, we’re expanding the range and scope of info display for every unit, allowing for more accurate and detailed statistical info about each unit and their specialized abilities.

Info fields like Rate of Fire, Damage per Hit, Area of Effect, Target Type, and others will be more clearly expressed, allowing you a greater understanding of your unit’s unique capabilities and strategies.

Player Level Removed

So I’m level 18…what does that tell me, again?

Rather than having both a Player level and an HQ level, we felt it would be simpler and more streamlined to only have an HQ level going forward. That way, an individual’s strength can be more easily conveyed on a per-faction level, rather than having actions on either faction arbitrarily contributing to a value, and obscuring its meaning.

Existing players will still retain all XP obtained from building upgrades for each faction, and HQs will still require this XP in order to be upgraded.

Major Economy Rebalancing

Coming in this update, as well as several updates to come, the entire economy of the game is getting reevaluated. Resource costs, production, and distribution will be rebalanced, as well as drop rates of unit cards and items.

The intention is to reduce the instances of players being starved in key areas, or having an unusable surplus in others. Credits as a form of currency is also being removed, and is being replaced with Minerals, in order to create more meaningful decisions with resources.

Store packs and bundles will also be reevaluated, in the hopes of giving players much more bang for their buck, and a wider variety of spending options.

Set Building Visuals

Rather than buildings incrementally changing their appearance as they level-up, buildings will now have only one visual state. We felt that, while these variances were interesting, keeping them would only confuse players as we continue to add new buildings to the game, and make it harder to size-up a base from a glance.

Additional Leader Upgrade

Additional Leader Upgrade
These Leaders are strong…let’s make them stronger!

All Leader units have two Leader Commands, one of which was previously unlocked as one of their Rank Upgrades. We felt that some players might want to get more utility out of these units outside of the Leader slot, so we’ve moved the second Leader Command to its own tab in the Unit Collection.

All Leaders now have two Rank Upgrades, as well as an additional Leader Command upgrade. This upgrade is purchased like a normal Rank Upgrade, but is not dependent on having either of the normal Rank abilities.

Resupply Retired

To remove unnecessary barriers, and help streamline gameplay, we’re removing unit injury entirely. Units recently deployed will be able to get right back in the fight at full strength, with no Mineral resupply cost.

Standardized Leveling System

So this guy is a level 5 with a max 13 levels, versus a level 3 with max 8 levels…so…uh…who wins?

Rather than buildings and units having a bunch of arbitrary max levels, all units and buildings now have a maximum level of 20, and will begin at a higher level, based on their rarity. This way, players will more easily be able to compare relative strength between units, and the out-of-the-box strength of Legendary and Epic units becomes more apparent.

Building Rarity System Introduced

Just as Units have rarities associated with them, Buildings will also receive a rarity designation. This rarity system will come into play more as we continue to release new buildings, with specific higher-rarity buildings being obtainable only through limited events, rather than directly unlockable in the Defenses Store.

[Translation] – “To know honor, you must first know yourself.”
– Snake Eyes

Date Published: Jul 1, 2021