Permanent Full Time Position

It’s not easy pushing the bounds of what mobile can handle.

That’s what we strive for at Emerald City; we take our characters, FX and animation seriously, using them as the foundation for our great games.

Our studio prizes a unique, cartoony ‘2D meets 3D’ art style designed for mobile platforms. That’s why talented FX Artists working with low or mid-poly models are highly valued at our studio.

We’re looking for artists that can go above and beyond, bringing their “A” game every day as they create the next generation of awesome visual effects ranging from cataclysmic fireballs to raging snowstorms. We strongly believe in artistic creative freedom and cultivating a team culture that offers everyone an equal chance to impact the final product.

Duties / Responsibilities:

  • Create particle effects and 3D mesh-based real time VFX for the next generation of AAA mobile games.  This consists of, but is not limited to spells and special character abilities, locomotion and combat effects and emotive environmental effects.
  • Collaborate with art directors, game designers and concept artists to ensure that your effects are in line with the game concept and the overall game experience.
  • Work in a varied of styles: Low poly, high poly, fantasy, sci-fi.
  • Research visual effect processes and create highly original textures
  • Take part in regular art discussion, critiques and reviews. We love visual world-building, you do too!


  • Passionate about bringing your new, awesome ideas to life in game.
  • Experience with Unity 3D animation tool for in-game engines or in film projects.
  • Dedication towards video games and our casual office environment.
  • Co-operative outlook at working with others in our development teams.
  • Experience of at least 3 years in the game industry, preferably with multiple shipped titles.

Bonus Points:

  • Strong experience working with Unity.
  • Experience with Photoshop, 3D Coat, After Effects, ZBrush
  • Previous work experience / internships in the mobile video game industry
  • Willing to work on-site in our office in Burnaby, British Columbia

Emerald City Exclusives:

  • Closely knit team of professionals to learn from
  • Open office environment for easy communication and idea sharing
  • Fresh baked goods and free beer on a semi-regular basis (seriously!)

*Ready to jump into your dream job? Contact us at


Include your “Full Name | Position” in the subject line of your email. Applicants with an animation / FX portfolio or with credited with shipped games will be given preference.