Update 2.0.6

Happy Easter to everyone out there in the Lionheart: Dark Moon universe. This exciting update brings a new Epic hero, two new pets and more streamlined support!

New Hero – The Rose Princess

The Rose Princess is the youngest child of King Eochad, the current ruler of the Rose Elves. She is a bubbly girl who loves animals of all kinds!


Cheer Up!

  • Heal an ally
  • Level 2 adds the effect: if the healed ally is Protecting, they use their basic attack on a random enemy.

Oh, My Hero!

  • Target ally gains Shield and Protect for 3 turns.
  • Level 2 adds the effect: Rose Princess gains Vanish for 3 turns.
  • Level 3 adds the effect: the targeted ally’s ATK receives a 100% boost.

Peace Decree

  • Heroes cannot act for 1 turn.

Royal Command

  • All Elf allies attack!
  • Level 2 adds the effect: Elf allies gain a 100% ATK boost.
    NOTE: “Elf Allies” include Rose, Stitched, Ivy, Cadaverine, Enthorned, and Fungal Elves.

Royal Veil (Passive)

  • All Elf allies begin the fight with Golden, which lasts for 3 turns.

Rose Elf (Racial Passive)

  • Rose Princess gains Vanish at low HP.

The Great Hunt – Upcoming Hunt Event

This Event’s story will feature Roisin, the Rose Princess, asking for the Vaultkeepers’ help in slaying the legendary Thorned Beast. This elusive creature leaves behind Coins and Stones that have been dyed and marked with Roses.

The Event will be live on Thursday, April 18 at 6:00pm UTC and will end on Monday, April 22 at 6:00pm UTC! Keep an eye on the game’s Discord server to know if there are any changes to these times.

There will be 9 Hunt Battles in total. Phases will be 8 hours each. The Bonus Heroes for the Event will be: Rose Princess, Rose Oracle, Rose Valkyrie, Rose Knight, and Rose Archer.

Rose Coins

Rose Coins are gained from defeating Hunt Battles, or purchased from the in-game store. Used to pull a prize from the Event’s chest!

This currency will not be part of the standard rotation. It may take months until the next event using it, so make sure to grab as many rewards with them as you can!

Rose Stones

Rose Stones are gained from defeating enemies in World Battles, especially Hunt Battle enemies! Having Bonus Heroes on your team will boost the number you receive. Used to progress in the event and gain progression rewards.


Helpshift has been added to the game to give players some added help before reaching out to support. Search the FAQ for various answers prior to emailing us to receive more support.


Performances Fixes:

  • An issue was introduced in 2.0.5 causing advancing story dialog to drop frame rate temporarily on all but the newest devices. This issue should now be resolved
  • We have worked hard to reduce build size and optimize memory. Players should see improved performance

Skill Fixes/Changes:

  • The “Kitsune” racial passive skill was originally implemented by providing a large proportional Speed stat bonus. The implementation has changed to now apply an “act first” effect instead, causing heroes who have it to no longer display extremely high Speed stat bonuses in their Hero Profile menus. This should also cause Kitsune heroes’ turn orders among each other to be determined by their Speed stat consistently

Talent Fixes:

  • The “Weapon Master” Wyld keystone talent had an issue causing it to prevent battle from being playable after the talented hero targeted a Dark enemy. This issue should now be resolved

New Player Fixes/Changes:

  • Under rare circumstances, a player could get stuck without goal credit for defeating Reaver Cleaver for the first time, causing the tutorial to be unable to progress. This issue should now be resolved

Miscellaneous Fixes/Changes:

  • The tokens in World battles have been rotated! With this we have changed the schedule and every two weeks you will see a rotation of tokens or Star Key units. So, two weeks from today the Star keys will change and then two weeks after that, the token locations will change again!

Date Published: Apr 16, 2019