Lionheart: Dark Moon is expanding again with three exciting new features! Add Friends in the game and share heroes with them in the new Tower! The Tower is an endless dungeon that allows you to earn Rune Stones and Tower Coins. Also, unlock Talents to give your heroes an extra little boost!

Friends: Share heroes with your friends to use in the tower!

  • Add other players to your friends list
  • Send and receive Friend Coins each day
  • Spent Friend Coins in the Friend Shop each day
  • Share heroes to your friends for use in the Tower!

Tower: Collect Runes and Tower Coins from a new nearly endless dungeon!

  • A nearly endless dungeon!
  • Each floor lets you take in 4 heroes
  • If you can fill the 2 bonus slots, you can take up to 6 heroes!
  • Borrow heroes from friends to fill the bonus slots
  • Collect Rune Stones, Tower Coins, and other resources
  • The Tower Resets once each month

Talents: Unlock Talents and their upgrades to boost your heroes!

  • Unlock Talents by reaching Lv. 40 with a Very Rare, Epic or Legendary Hero
  • Unlock Talent Upgrades by collecting Rune Stones and Golden Runes
  • Each property has its own Talent Tree, with up to 18 talents (and 66 total upgrades)
  • Unique KEYSTONE Talents coming for each hero soon!

In addition to these three main features, we have also added the following:

7 and 30 Day Packs are available and will give crowns for each day while they last!

  • Can be purchased once every 7 & 30 days respectively, and will give Crowns each day while they last

New Shop: The shop front has been updated!

  • The shop front has been updated!

Log-in Streak: Collect daily rewards for longing in days in a row, up to a max of 7 days!

  • Collect daily rewards for longing in days in a row, up to a max of 7 days!

30 Day Daily Log-in Calendar: Extended to 30 days!

  • The Daily Calendar has been extended to 30 days
  • You can’t miss any days on the calendar, log in to collect missing days!

Facebook account linking is now available through the Options menu.

  • This allows account sharing between different mobile devices of any kind. Link your preferred account first, then load that linked account on another device!


Gaean Event

Inscribed Summoner (Gaea)

An EPIC hero that deals self damage to summon daemons. Each time she deals self damage, she gets stronger!

One of Ibrim’s magi. The Inscribed is a mysterious group who summons daemons from the pale realms and binds them, turning the spirits into living spells which manifest as tattoos.

“Let he who comes rise from the dark! Unknowable and ancient of days. I beseech thee! Come! Come and let the death of life begin!” -37th verse from the ‘Book of Black Ash’

  • Blood Offering- Damage yourself. Damage an enemy.
  • Blood Offering Lv. 2- + More damage (to the enemy).
  • Summon Lesser Daemon- Damage yourself. Damage all enemies. Heal Block.
  • Summon Lesser Daemon Lv. 2- + Ignore DEF.
  • Summon Greater Daemon- Damage yourself. Deal massive damage to an enemy.
  • Summon Greater Daemon Lv. 2- + Always Crit.
  • Cede Power- Consume all buffs from yourself to greatly heal.
  • Cede Power Lv. 2- + More healing.
  • Daemonic Blessing- Passive. Boost ATK by [50%] each time you inflict self damage.
  • Ibrim (Race)- Passive. Resists Burn. Resist Poison.

Sand Giant (Gaea)

An EPIC hero that supports his team with a Protect ability, and ally boosts! Purge and Stun your enemies to control the battle.

An enormous elemental, bound to the cold sands of the Howling Quarter.

“The sandstorm grew in intensity and I heard cries from the scouts. We could see enormous figures, moving toward us.” -‘My Travels in the South’, anonymous

  • Sand Smack- Damage an enemy.
  • Guardian- Charge! Boost your DEF [50%] and Protect your team. Damage enemies when the charge ends.
  • Guardian Lv. 2- + Crit Lock enemies.
  • Erosion- Damage all enemies. Purge.
  • Erosion Lv. 2- + Buff Block enemies for 3 turns.
  • Sand Blast- Deal massive damage to an enemy. Stun.
  • Sand Blast Lv. 2- + Shorter cooldown
  • Gaean Protector- Passive. Boost Gaean allies’ ATK [50%] when hit.
  • Primal (Race)- Passive. Resist Tangle. Resist Freeze.

Mirror Event

Mirror Warmonger (Mirror)

An EPIC hero that deals massive damage and Crit Locks his enemies. Each time he kills an enemy, he gains HP.

One of the larger, more brutal warriors in the Mirror King’s army. Some rumors claim they are created from the souls of warriors broken by loneliness and fear.

“The troops feel afraid. Something is coming; something terrible.” -note taken from the battle of White Plume, 2nd week of the Mirror War

  • Flat Strike- Damage an enemy.
  • Flat Strike Lv. 2- + More damage
  • Devour Hope- Damage all enemies. Drain ATK [25%].
  • Devour Hope Lv. 2- + Crit Lock for 3 turns.
  • Demolish- Deal massive damage to an enemy.
  • Demolish Lv. 2- + Always Crit
  • Shatter Quake- Damage all enemies. Steal enemy buffs.
  • Shatter Quake Lv. 2- + Shorter cooldown
  • Soul Eater- Passive. Heal each time you kill an enemy.
  • Mirror (Race)- Passive. Immune to Corrupt.

Mirror Salamander (Mirror)

A VERY RARE hero that supports its Mirror allies with a massive double damage boost and Crit DMG buff.

One of the Salamanders who’s fallen to the Mirror. Now a twisted broken thing who lurks in the deep deserts, biding its time until the Mirror King emerges once more.

“What’s out there in the wastes aren’t Salamanders any longer. They’re things of darkness; cold reflections of the tribes, barely alive, but always hungry.” -Vaskarra, Salamander warrior

  • Jagged Blade- Damage an enemy.
  • Jagged Blade Lv. 2- + More damage
  • Shard Slash- Damage all enemies. Purge.
  • Shard Slash Lv. 2- + Lower DEF [25%] if a buff was removed.
  • Mirror Bond- Double mirror allies’ ATK for [2] turns!
  • Mirror Bond Lv. 2- + Mirror allies Ignore DEF.
  • Bleed Out- Deal massive damage to an enemy. Heal Block.
  • Corrupted Strength- Passive. Boost Mirror allies’ CRIT DMG by [50%].
  • Mirror (Race)- Passive. Immune to Corrupt.


Skill Fixes/Changes:

  • An issue introduced in 1.2.1 prevented heroes from keeping their usual buffs through dying and being revived. This issue should now be resolved
  • Black Mask’s “Soul Steal” skill should now steal tokens in Daily Dungeon battles

Display Fixes/Changes:

  • The Support menu should now be localized
  • Info buttons in News panels (small “i”) should no longer be present when there’s no info tooltip for their news entries
  • Elemental Cores of different tiers should no longer have the same icons as each other

Miscellaneous Fixes/Changes:

  • The Daily Dungeon timer should now reset at 8:00 UTC each day instead of 0:00 UTC
  • When upgrading gear multiple times in a row quickly while tapping rapidly, a “MISSING COMPONENTS” tooltip should no longer appear

Known Issues:

  • The Dark Moon account that’s linked to your Facebook account currently can’t be changed to a different account, so make sure to link your preferred high-level account first. The ability to change which account is linked is planned for a future update

Date Published: Nov 28, 2018