Level up 4 gear slots per character by finding Gear Shards, Property Cores and Forge Dust in the Daily Dungeon. Every item can be upgraded up to 30 times.

Daily Dungeon:

  • Collect daily tickets to battle in a property dungeon each day
  • Each day of the week is a different dungeon (Monday = Wyld, Tuesday = Dark, etc…)
  • Use only heroes of that property on that day

Vault Master Benefits (VIP):

  • Earn Vault Points each time a pack is purchased from the Shop
  • Vault Points go towards increasing your Vault Master Level
  • Unlock rewards as you collect Vault Points, as well as permanent, on-going benefits such as:
    • Better timed key
    • Faster battle speed
    • Bonus Crowns and Coins from daily login
    • More XP from World battles
    • VIP Exclusive pets and limited, event only heroes



Kitsune Illusionist (Wyld)

An EPIC hero that steals attack from his enemies while sharing his property, buffs, and HP with his teammates. Silence enemies as a final act!

A kitsune who’s turned his talents to mage-craft. Most disdain wasting their time on fireballs or summonings, preferring enchantments and trickery.

“Evalk the Magnificent. No wonders too big; no requests too small! Fire a speciality!” -poster found outside the remains of a burnt fair

  • Hat Trick- Damage an enemy x3.
  • Hat Trick Lv. 2- + More damage.
  • Sleight of Hand- Damage an enemy. Steal ATK [50%] and distribute it to allies.
  • Sleight of Hand Lv. 2- + Shorter cooldown
  • Smoke Bomb- Vanish Wyld allies for [2] turns.
  • Smoke Bomb Lv. 2- Wyld allies gain True Strike.
  • Illusion- Copy your HP, property, and current buffs to an ally.
  • Illusion Lv. 2- Fully heal yourself, then copy your HP, property, and current buffs to an ally.
  • Denouement- Passive. Last Gasp! As a final act, Silence all enemies.
  • Kitsune (Race)- Passive. Always act first.

Kitsune Dancer (Wyld)

A VERY RARE hero that debuffs and buffs her allies.

A kitsune who embodies a love of fun and trickery. She dances, partly to distract an audience while her friends steal their belongings, but mainly for the sheer joy of it.

“Who’s in the mood for some fun?!” -Alya, also known as ‘She who danced for kings and stole their hearts… Oh, and sandwiches ’cause she was hungry’

  • Badoom!- Damage all enemies.
  • Badoom! Lv. 2- + Lower DEF [10%].
  • Badoom! Lv. 3- + Lower DEF [20%].
  • Boom!- Deal huge damage to an enemy. Stun.
  • Boom! Lv. 2- + Purge
  • Applause- Boost allies’ Crit Chance. 2x boost for Wyld!
  • Staccato- Passive. Boost allies’ Crit DMG.
  • Kitsune (Race)- Passive. Always act first.

Wyld Titan Raid

Cat Sith Bladedancer (Elemental)

An EPIC hero that burns, crits, and debuffs her enemies. Stack Burn then consume it off enemies to deal massive damage!

An elite warrior among the cat tribes; one who abandons all armor and relies on both her speed and her devotion to keep her safe.

“When I am done training you, most of you will be nothing but meat for the hawks. But a rare few… YOU, I will teach to dance with the wind!” -Tarvaguraa, Cath Sith Dancer

  • Blood Lust- Damage an enemy. Crit if Burning.
  • Blood Lust Lv. 2- + More damage.
  • Singe- Deal massive damage to an enemy. If the enemy is killed, apply a [2] turn Burn to all enemies.
  • Singe Lv. 2- + Apply a [3] turn Burn.
  • From the Flames- Damage all enemies. Consume all Burn to greatly amplify damage.
  • Mangle- Damage all enemies. Heal Block.
  • Mangle Lv. 2- + Lower DEF.
  • Resilience- Passive. When Tangled, instantly cleanse yourself and boost ATK [100%]. (ATK buff doesn’t stack)
  • Cat Sith (Race)- Vanish when hit.

Fire Hawk (Elemental)

A Rare hero that burns enemies and cleanses allies. Boost ally ATK and lower Wyld enemy DEF to deal maximum damage!

A rare and vicious predatory bird. Fire Hawks nest among volcanic peaks of the Desert of Fangs where they’re captured and trained as lethal pets by Cat Sith.

“Fire Hawks? Lethal things. More weapon than bird with a fondness for human eyes!” -Odosh the Blind, former Ibrimite scout

  • To Ashes- Damage an enemy.
  • To Ashes Lv. 2- + 2x damage if they’re Burning.
  • Cauterize- Cleanse allies.
  • Cauterize Lv. 2- + Boost ATK.
  • Fire Dive- Damage all enemies. Burn.
  • Fire Dive Lv. 2- + More damage.
  • Smolder- Passive. Lower DEF of Wyld enemies [20%].
  • Bird (Race)- Immune to Tangle.


Wyld Guild Titan

Dormant State
  • Dormant – Passive. Takes 50% less damage
  • Wyld Boon – Passive (on-going). Allies gain +25% ATK and DEF
  • Rejuvenate – Passive. Allies Regenerate.
Awakened State
  • Awakened – Passive. Takes 25% less damage
  • Entwine – Damage all enemies. Tangle.
  • Pathogen- Damage random enemies [10] times. 2x damage if they’re Tangled!
  • Abate- Lower enemies’ ATK and DEF by [50%] for 3 turns.
Enraged State
  • Enraged – Passive. Takes full damage
  • Power Leech- Damage all enemies. Drain ATK [50%].
  • Thorn Slash- Damage random enemies [6] times. Tangle.
  • Strangle- Deal massive damage to an enemy. The enemy is instantly killed if Tangled.
  • Thorn Veil – Passive. Wound attackers.
  • With Nature- Passive. A random enemy is Tangled at the start of each round!


These pets are part of the Vault Master System:

  • Baller – Rare, start with a 3-turn, 50% DEF boost
  • Leafy Baller – Very Rare, Immune to Tangle
  • Armachillo – Epic, Chance [Mid] to Freeze attackers when hit
  • Mana Baller – Legendary, start with 2-turn Invulnerability


Skill Fixes/Changes:

  • In 1.1.14, an issue was introduced preventing Greed Goblin’s “Mug” skill from applying Skill Lock to its target. This issue should now be resolved
  • Chest Mimic’s “Copy Cat” skill had an issue causing it to fail to match its target’s current and max HP under some circumstances. This issue should now be resolved
  • Rose Oracle Caitlyn’s “Precognition” skill had an issue preventing its damage from being increased at level 2/2. Level 2/2 should now deal significantly more damage than level ½
  • Duncan Valesong’s “Rhythmic Aura” should no longer be able to be purged
  • Solar Unicorn’s “Solar Ray” skill had an issue preventing its damage from being increased at level 2/2. Level 2/2 should now deal significantly more damage than level 1/2
  • Stitched Invoker’s “Harvest Shield” skill had an issue causing it to deal increased damage to each consecutive target beyond the first, dealing a total amount of damage much higher than intended when damaging multiple targets. This issue should now be resolved, causing “Harvest Shield” to deal equal damage to all targets
  • Stitched Invoker’s “Harvest Shield” base damage has been increased
  • Stitched Invoker’s “Harvest Shield” level 3/3 should now deal triple crit damage, up from double

Display Fixes/Changes:

  • Other players’ player profile headers should now say “PLAYER PROFILE” instead of “OPTIONS”
  • There was an issue when attempting to create a guild without enough Coins available and buying the Coins through the “out of Coins” menu, causing the Create button to remain disabled. This issue should now be resolved
  • Mail messages should no longer be able to appear truncated
  • When viewing other players’ heroes in their player profiles, there was an issue causing the hero profile menu to be tapped through when tapped, opening other heroes’ profiles, instead of opening the tapped elements’ tooltips. This issue should now be resolved
  • The Epic Wyld Huntress pack in the shop showed a Wyld Key in its image instead of the Crowns it contains. It should now show Crowns instead. The pack’s contents have not been changed
  • Rose Oracle Caitlyn’s “Fated Protection” skill’s graphical effect should no display unintended large squares while animating
  • An issue introduced in 1.1.14 prevented Mail entries without rewards from being able to be dismissed. This issue should now be resolved, with an “X” button now present on these Mail entries

Draft Dungeon Fixes:

  • Fleeing Draft Dungeon should no longer allow the enemy heroes to remain damaged
  • In Draft Dungeon, a hero who died on their own turn could cause the next hero’s turn to be skipped. This should no longer be able to happen
  • In a 1.2.0 hotfix, strong instances of The Elusive Black Mask were added throughout the Draft Dungeon. These instances should no longer be present

Miscellaneous Fixes/Changes:

  • There was an issue with the 1.1.14 fix for the game freezing for new users if they summoned Mirror Tick and viewed it in the hero collection within their first session, causing the issue to return in 1.2.0. This issue should now be resolved again

Date Published: Oct 29, 2018