Guild Raids

Your guild will take on one of our giant Guild Titans and battle it, aiming to deal the most damage possible over the course of the event. As the Titan takes damage, he’ll start unleashing more of his deadly abilities… but will also become more vulnerable to your attacks!

Before the event, players must choose a team of 3 heroes to share with their guild. Once the event starts, all teams are locked in. During the event, players can spend one Raid Ticket to match 2 of their heroes with one of the top 25 Guild Teams (of 3) to enter battle with a combined team of 5. Any 2 of your heroes may be used (not only the ones shared to the guild). Upgrades to heroes made during the event WILL be taken into account. Logging in after the deadline without a set team will auto-select your team, up to the maximum of 25 Guild Teams, first come, first served.

To help your guild you can use RAGE POTIONS to boost your guild’s damage. As your guild reaches certain Rage totals you’ll unlock a bigger damage boost during Raid battles, up to a whopping 10x damage! Potions can be found from Quick Looting battles in the world and as rewards.

Rewards are earned for reaching damage totals with your guild and for leaderboard ranking at the end of the event. Guild leaderboards compete for total damage dealt over the course of the event. Personal leaderboards compete for the most damage done in a single battle. The top prizes are the legendary Watcher (personal), and a new legendary pet; the Mana Bubbler (guild)!

New Heroes

Harrow (Wyld)

A LEGENDARY hero that deals massive damage to his targets. Enter “Stalk” mode to unlock powerful abilities for maximum damage!

One of the oldest and most venerated of elven heroes. Harrow is at home in the forests, moving like a wraith as he hunts down any who draw arms against his kin.

“A bitter storm approaches, my king, and the Cadaverine ride at its front. Call to the deep woods and mighty Harrow will come to our aid.” – Rose Elf Advisor


  • Precise Slash- Damage an enemy x2.
  • Precise Slash Lv. 2- + Always Crit
  • Stalk – Enter Stalk mode. While Stalking, greatly boost DEF and counter enemy attacks!
  • Stalk Lv. 2- + Drain when countering
  • Ambush – Deal massive damage to an enemy. Purge when Stalking!
  • Ambush Lv. 2- + Boost Crit DMG
  • Shadow Leap – Damage all enemies. Skill Lock. Deal 2x damage when Stalking!
  • Shadow Leap Lv. 2- + Heal Block
  • Wyld Defender – Passive. Ignore DEF if Dark.
  • Ivy Elf (Race) – Passive. Immune to Poison and Wound.

Autumn Druid (Wyld)

An EPIC hero that drains her enemies and distributes healing to her allies!

Ivy elves are linked to the world around them. They age as winter approaches and grow young in spring. Their druids change as well, each focusing on a different aspect of the year’s passing.

“Can you feel it? The cold in the air? That brittle echo of wind through dying leaves? The seasons turn and my time fast approaches.” – Earnas Fal, Autumn Druid


  • Life Leech- Drain an enemy.
  • Life Leech Lv. 2- + 2x Drain if Dark
  • Strength of the Wyld – Boost allies ATK by [50%]. 2x boost for Ivy Elves [100%]!
  • Strength of the Wyld Lv. 2- + Boost Crit Chance
  • Reinvigorate – Drain all enemies. Distribute healing from Drain to allies!
  • Reinvigorate Lv. 2- + 2x healing if Ivy Elf
  • Refresh – Cleanse allies. The ally will Regenerate if a debuff was removed!
  • Refresh Lv. 2- + Stronger Regen
  • Decay – Passive. Enemies start the battle with Heal Block.
  • Ivy Elf (Race) – Passive. Immune to Poison and Wound.

1.2.0 Pets

New Pets

  • Mana Owlet – An Epic pet that boosts DMG dealt to the Dark Titan for all allies!
  • Mecha Owlet – A Very Rare pet that boosts DMG dealt to the Dark Titan!

Fixes & Changes

Skill Fixes/Changes:

  • Centaur Berserker had an issue preventing its “Centaur Fury” passive skill from showing scrolling healing text when it healed the Centaur Berserker. Passive Regeneration effects should now always show scrolling healing text when they heal the hero
  • Chest Mimic’s “Mock” skill should no longer cause the Chest Mimic to counterattack when an enemy hero starts a Charge skill targeting the Chest Mimic or all enemies
  • Chest Mimic’s “Mock” skill should no longer cause the Chest Mimic to counterattack when passives activate
  • Chest Mimic’s “Mock” skill should no longer cause the Chest Mimic to counterattack if it had the buff when it died
  • When Eclipse Druid with the “Eternal Night” passive skill dies, it should no longer revive the Eclipse Druid
  • While Eclipse Druid with the “Eternal Night” passive skill is dead, allies should no longer be automatically revived by “Eternal Night”
  • Mirror Weaver’s “Crystal Webs” skill should now start its Charge animation when it’s used instead of when it’s finished Charging

Display Fixes/Changes:

  • The Village menu icons and other GUI elements should no longer be able to disappear unintentionally when browsing through Player Profile and Guild menus
  • The Guild chat unread message counter should no longer count expired messages
  • The Battle Stats menu should no longer have extra blank space below on 4:3 aspect ratio devices
  • Trademaster Cinnabar should no longer be positioned too high to see in team select menus and the hero details menu

Miscellaneous Fixes/Changes:

  • An issue introduced in 1.1.14 caused the game to freeze after unequipping a pet, using potions to level another hero high enough to equip that pet, then equipping that pet to that hero. This issue should now be resolved
  • The Golden Pig pet’s large sprite should no longer have tusks
  • Non-boss heroes’ health bars should now be tappable to select their heroes
  • Player accounts stuck on the Shop intro tutorial step buying the Silver Key should no longer be stuck

Duncan Valesong Hotfix Notes:

  • Duncan Valesong’s base HP has been increased
  • Duncan Valesong’s base Attack has been increased significantly
  • Duncan Valesong’s base Skill has been reduced slightly
  • Duncan Valesong’s Crit chance has been increased to 8%, up from 5%
  • Duncan Valesong’s Speed has been increased to 64, up from 52
  • Duncan Valesong’s “Percussion” skill’s damage has been increased
  • Duncan Valesong’s “Percussion” skill level 2/2 should now add a high chance to Stun
  • Duncan Valesong’s “Inspiring Chord” should now boost Crit chance and Crit Damage by 50%
  • Duncan Valesong’s “Melody” skill’s healing has been significantly increased
  • Duncan Valesong’s “Melody” skill should now also Cleanse its targets
  • Duncan Valesong’s “Sonicboom” skill’s damage has been increased
  • Duncan Valesong’s “Sonicboom” should now also lower ATK and SKL by 50% for 3 turns
  • Duncan Valesong’s “Sonicboom” level 2/2 should now add Buff Block to its targets
  • -Duncan Valesong should now have a new passive skill called “Rhythmic Aura”, which boosts allies’ SKL by 100% while Duncan is alive
  • Duncan Valesong’s race and racial skill should now be “Stonevaler”, which boosts allies’ ATK at low HP

Date Published: Aug 31, 2018