Dark Moon: Update 1.1.9

Four New Heroes join the game: Golden Vassa, Ivy Gwythain, Ghost Wolf, and Magma Garm!
(Minor tweaks may occur prior to release)

Tournament of Champions 3.0 Hero

Ivy Champion Gwythain (Wyld)

A LEGENDARY Hero that Protects his team and heals allies when he is attacked.

An ancient Champion of the Ivy Elves whose origins have been lost to history. He rests deep in the Tumbledowns, waiting until hunting horns blow and he’s called to battle once more.

  • Wyld Blade – Damage an enemy.
  • Wyld Blade Lv. 2- + Crit if Tangled
  • Purify- Damage all enemies. Purge
  • Purify Lv. 2- + Shorter cooldown
  • Slumber- Charge! Protect your team! Tangle attackers
  • Slumber Lv. 2- + More healing
  • Unified Strike- Damage an enemy based on missing HP.
  • Unified Strike Lv. 2- + Wyld allies join the attack
  • Enliven- Allies are healed when Gwythain is attacked
  • Enliven Lv. 2- Protect your team when the battle starts
  • Enliven Lv.3- Allies are immune to Tangle
  • Ivy Elf (Race) – Immune to Poison. Immune to Wound.

Wyld Hunt Heroes

Golden Vassa (Wyld)

A LEGENDARY Hero that Wounds, and builds “Rage” when she attacks. Stack Rage then consume it to amplify the damage of her “Barbarian Rage” skill.

The greatest of Trelis’ warriors, Vassa has burnt her way through the East. Age is creeping into her bones and it terrifies her. She’s looking for a final battle to go out in a blaze of glory.

  • Shredding Blow – Build Rage. Damage an enemy. Wound
  • Shredding Blow Lv. 2- + More damage
  • Clan Pride- Build Rage. Boost ATK, Crit DMG, and Crit Chance for allies.
  • Clan Pride Lv. 2- + 2x boost if Trelisian
  • Barbarian Rage- Consume Rage. Deal damage to an enemy based on Rage consumed. Recover for [1] turn after attacking. Heal when recovery ends.
  • Barbarian Rage Lv. 2- + More healing
  • Thrashing Strike- Build Rage. Damage all enemies. Wound.
  • Thrashing Strike Lv. 2- + Shorter cooldown
  • Wolf Chaser- Passive. Deal bonus damage to Wolves.
  • Trelisian (Race) – Passive. Resist Wyld damage.

Magma Garm (Elemental)

A LEGENDARY Wolf that burns his victims and takes charge of the pack.

An ancient northern evil that’s haunted the high woods of Trelis for generations. Appearing as a giant flaming wolf, it taunts its victims as it drags them away into the forest.

  • Molten Bite – Damage an enemy.
  • Molten Bite Lv. 2- + Burn if Wyld
  • Burning Howl- Damage all enemies. Burn
  • Burning Howl Lv. 2- + Burn for 2 turns
  • Pack Leader- Command all wolves to attack an enemy
  • Pack Leader Lv. 2- + High chance to crit
  • Pyre- Damage an enemy. 2x damage if burning.
  • Flame Walker- Passive. Immune to Burn
  • Flame Walker Lv 2. – + Chance to Burn attackers
  • Wolf (Race) – Passive. Boost ATK for Wolves.

Ghost Wolf (Dark)

An EPIC wolf that supports its team and becomes invulnerable.

Malevolent ghostly wolves who swarm around Magma Garm. Some whisper that they’re the souls of its victims, forged into a new shape and bound to the monster.

  • Death Swipe – Damage an enemy x2
  • Death Swipe Lv. 2- + Crit Lock (enemy cannot crit)
  • Ghost Form- Become Invulnerable for [2] turns. Invulnerability can be purged.
  • Ghost Form Lv. 2- + True Strike for [2] turns
  • Paralysis- Damage an enemy. Silence for [2] turns.
  • Paralysis Lv. 2- + Shorter cooldown
  • Purgatory- Passive. Start with Vanish
  • Purgatory Lv. 2- + Last Gasp! Revive yourself
  • Purgatory Lv. 3- + Wolf allies start with Vanish
  • Wolf (Race) – Passive. Boost ATK for Wolves.

Changes & Fixes

Hero Balance Changes:


  • Defense should now be displayed as the damage reduction percentage that has always been used internally by the combat system since the game was released. As this affects the way Defense is displayed only, Defense balance has not been affected by this change
  • Collectible Heroes with lower relative base Defense should now have higher base HP than they had relative to Heroes with higher relative base Defense. This is a scale change that should affect all collectible Heroes
  • The maximum damage reduction from Defense should now be 80%, down from 95%


  • The hierarchy of Hero speeds has been redesigned. The new hierarchy is the following, from fastest (100) to slowest (10).

Specific Hero Balance/Design Changes:

  • The collectible Reaver Cleaver’s base Crit Damage has been reduced from 200% to 150%
  • Cadaverine Reaper has been redesigned:
    • “Reap” level 1 should now Wound all enemies instead of Poisoning
    • “Reap” level 2 should no longer have an increased cooldown or increased damage, but instead, adds an extra stack of Wound, causing it to Wound twice
    • “Scythe Strike” levels 1 and 2 should now deal increased damage
    • “Scythe Strike” level 3 should now always Wound instead of dealing increased damage
    • The Vanish from “Skulking Strike” should now last 2 turns

Hero Skill Bug Fixes:

  • The implementation for ignoring DEF in skills had been rewritten for Rolanda, released in a previous update. This caused Rolanda to be the only Hero who could ignore DEF with attacks against Heroes who were immune to stat debuffs, such as Midnight Wolf. This implementation should now also apply to the following Heroes who ignore DEF with their skills:
    • Flame Cauldron
    • Frost Elemental
    • Frost Wisp
    • Golden Tiamat
    • Greater Bear
    • Greater Owl
    • Ivy Elf Warden
    • Midnight Owl
    • Mirror Knight
    • Oathbound Warrior
    • Rose Elf Archer
    • Rose Unicorn
    • Sand Crab
    • Solar Unicorn
    • Wyld Cauldron
  • Ivy Elf Warden’s “Thorned Arrow” damage should now properly increase when upgraded from level 1/2 to level 2/2. As this was fixed by reducing the damage of level 1/2 slightly, the damage of level 2/2 should not be affected
  • Mirror Knight’s “Brutal Blade” damage should now properly increase when upgraded from level 1/2 to level 2/2. As this was fixed by increasing the damage of level 2/2 slightly, the damage of level 1/2 should not be affected
  • Frost Elemental’s “Ice Spikes” skill was dealing a different amount of damage with each of its 4 spikes, causing 2 of the spikes to deal excessive damage and the other 2 to deal negligible damage by comparison. The spikes should now deal the same amount of damage per spike. The damage should now be lower than what it was due to the way that the damage had been multiplied on the high-damage spikes
  • An issue with a 1.1.9 hotfix caused Shadow Dancer’s “Shadow Execution” to no longer deal damage. It should properly deal its damage again
  • Mirror Weaver’s “Skittering Strike” should now properly steal Attack
  • The Lionslayer’s “Allegiance” skill should now buff its Attack by 50% per Mirror Hero, up from 20% per Mirror Hero
  • Ancient Flame Giant’s “Lava Spew” skill should no longer buff attack multiple times
  • Damage-over-time effects should no longer break Freeze

Arena Fixes:

  • Brawl rank 1 players should no longer be awarded multiple rank 1 Hero rewards when Brawls reset
  • The Arena World leaderboard should no longer sometimes prevent scrolling past rank 100
  • The world Arena leaderboard should no longer show duplicate entries of the same players once every 99 entries

Display Fixes:

  • An unintended “Search guilds” tab in the Guild editing GUI should no longer be present
  • The “POSSIBLE REWARDS” tooltip in the World menu should no longer appear blank

Miscellaneous Fixes/Changes:

  • The daily Guild Titan donation bonus Hero timer was misaligned with the other cooldown timers and would change which Hero earned bonus Guild Titan XP at UTC 23:00 instead of UTC 0:00. This daily timer should now always align with the other daily timers at UTC 0:00
  • Friendship Combo attacks could sometimes appear to hit multiple times, but only produce 1 damage number. These Friendship Combo attacks should now match the number of hits that their animations appear to show
  • Some players who reached level 6 for the first time in 1.1.9 were unable to see enemies in battles. This issue should be resolved

Known Issues:

  • Brawl rank 1 players receive 20 unintended Vault Novice Timothy Hero Tokens when Brawls reset
  • Ancient Flame Giant’s “Lava Spew” skill damage preview appears as if it will deal damage to itself instead of to all enemies. This is a display issue only

Date Published: Apr 16, 2018