Dark Moon: Update 1.1.8

Hotfix March 3rd:

  • Stitched Invoker’s “Harvest Shield” had an issue causing it to be able to deal excessive damage and generate an excessively large Shield, more than 50 times its maximum HP. This should no longer be possible

The Guild Summoning Event!

In this exciting event, summon as many Heroes from the Vault as you can to earn Key Dust for prizes! Spend Key Dust in the Smoke, Hidebehind, and Blaze Grimalkin Chests for a chance to claim these mystical Fey Heroes. Earn extra rewards when participating as part of a Guild! Compete against other players and other Guilds to earn a high rank on the Key Dust leaderboard for an awesome final prize!

The Storm In The North Event!

In this epic event, join Ursus Umber and Ursus Rustfur on an adventure throughout the world of Lionheart: Dark Moon with 21 increasingly difficult story-driven encounters, with Hero rewards along the way!

Another Tournament Of Champions will return soon!

This time, Heroes will not gain bonuses from their Guild Titans. Also, all skills with cooldown durations will begin on cooldown, minus 1 turn. Otherwise, the Tournament rules will be identical to the previous Tournament. See the info button in the event menu for more details, and fight well!

Guild Summoning Heroes

Smoke Grimalkin (Dark)

An EPIC Hero that supports his team by buffing allies and debuffing enemies!

A strange grimalkin marked with bone patterns on its fur and blessed with a bleak sense of humor. Often found near graveyards, reading morbid poetry, or smoking clove cigarettes.

  • Death Orbs- Damage 4 random enemies
  • Death Orbs Lv. 2- + Drain if Gaea
  • Hexxing Pounce- Damage an enemy. Permanently lower Max HP [15%]
  • Hexxing Pounce Lv. 2- + Heal Block
  • Omen- Damage all enemies. Stun if Gaea.
  • Omen Lv. 2- + Lower DEF
  • Dying Light- Apply a buff to an ally. If they die while this buff is active, they are revived and immune to damage for 1 turn
  • Mystic Clowder- Passive. Boost CRIT DMG for Grimalkins.
  • Fey (Racial)- Passive. Chance [Low] to Vanish when hit.

Hidebehind Grimalkin (Wyld)

A VERY RARE Hero that supports allies and damages multiple enemies.

A strange magical cat rumored to be the son or daughter (no one dares ask) of an ancient feline Chimera. Capricious and rude, the Grimalkin spends most of its time playing tricks on everyone it encounters.

  • Tail Blast- Damage two random enemies
  • Tail Blast Lv. 2- + Chance mid to Skill Lock
  • Vanish Powder- Vanish allies for 1 turn. Regenerate allies for 3 turns
  • Vanish Powder Lv. 2- + Shorter cooldown
  • Pixie Fire- Damage all enemies. Chance mid to Burn
  • Pixie Fire Lv. 2- + More damage
  • Ethereal- Passive. Immune to Stun and Heal Block
  • Ethereal LV 2- + Immune to Poison and Burn
  • Mystic Clowder- Passive. Boost ATK for Grimalkins.
  • Fey (Racial)- Passive. Chance [Low] to Vanish when hit.

Blaze Grimalkin (Gaea)

A RARE Hero that supports allies with heals and buffs.

Grimalkins are odd cats, famed for their intelligence and magical abilities. The Blaze breed seems to have randomly decided to follow Mother Gaea. No one knows why.

  • Lash Out- Damage an enemy x2
  • Lash Out Lv. 2- + Chance mid to purge
  • Blissful Trill- Cleanse an ally. Boost DEF
  • Blissful Trill Lv. 2- + Ally gains True Strike
  • Soothe- Heal all allies for half of their Max HP
  • Soothe Lv. 2- + Fully heal all allies
  • Nine Lives- Passive. Shield at Low HP
  • Mystic Clowder- Passive. Boost Crit Chance for Grimalkins
  • Fey (Racial)- Passive. Chance [Low] to Vanish when hit.

Stitch Elf changes:

Stitch Elves (General):
  • The stitch elf racial has been replaced!
  • Stitch Elves have double max HP, but can’t be healed.
  • All Stitch Elves have been re-worked and have new skills.
  • Higher Skill Levels vastly improve their abilities!
Stitch Scholar (Very Rare):

Basic buffing hero, low damage but high utility in battle. A perfect non-healing support.

  • Arcane Crisis (basic): Damage an enemy. Upgrade to crit Elemental enemies.
  • Mitigate: Short cooldown Shield. Upgrade to cleanse as well.
  • Dual Casting: Double Skill for the target and caster. Upgrade to give Stitch Elves extra.
  • Arcane Adept: All stitch Elves gain bonus Crit Damage.
Stitch Bonecaller (Epic):

Revival / death hero, focused around trading HP for bonus effects.

  • Exorcist (basic): Damage an enemy. Upgrade to drain shield.
  • Reanimate: Short cooldown revive for an ally to 1 Hp. Upgrade to shield.
  • Soul Wrench: Trade HP for a massive Shield to an ally.
  • Sacrifice: Damage all enemies at the cost of the Bonecaller’s Life. The lower her HP, the more damage it deals.
  • Grave Call: Shield all allies upon death.
Stitch Invoker (Epic):

High-damage caster that gains extra damage from shield, but has abysmal crit chance.

  • Daemonic Pact (basic): Damage an enemy. Upgrade to gain damage from your current shield.
  • Harvest: Damage all enemies. Upgrade to drain Shield, and to deal bonus damage from Crits.
  • Trauma Bolt: Massive nuke that heal blocks. Upgrade to crit if the Invoker is at Max HP.
  • Overcharge: True Strike yourself. Shield.
  • Rune Wrap: Passive. Begin the battle with a shield.

The Stitch Elves are now shield-focused, un-healable casters. They’re extremely vulnerable to silence, skill lock and cleanses, which take away their ability to cast and shield themselves. Any HP they lose is permanent — So even with their massive HP pool, care has to be taken in drawn-out battles to stop them from taking any unnecessary damage

Changes & Fixes

Draft Dungeon Balance Changes:

  • Less HP for enemies
  • Enemy compositions have less high-rarity heroes
  • Power curve slightly lowered to make it steadier

Pet Menu Changes:

  • The tap region on the Pet icon in the team selection screen should now match the size of the icon

Hero Skill Fixes/Changes:

  • Corbie Broken King’s “To The Brink” skill should no longer be able to crit

Skill Balance Changes:

  • Herbalist gives a 25% DEF boost now at “Herbalism Lv. 2” rather than a 35% boost. If Wyld, the boost is still applied twice, equaling a 50% boost rather than a 70% boost.

Arena Fixes:

  • Players who had more than 6000 Arena Trophies and were affected by the original reset on 2018-02-18 were experiencing an issue that caused them to gain or lose unpredictable numbers of Trophies after Arena battles. This issue should now be resolved

Display Fixes:

  • The red notification badge on the Heroes button in the Village indicating the number of new Heroes should no longer be unable to be removed by viewing all new Heroes
  • Tooltips for Hero Tokens as Goal rewards should now display the name of the Hero whose Tokens will be awarded
  • Players should no longer be able to see themselves at rank 0 in Arena
  • After returning to the Village from a battle while certain events are running, the loading screen should no longer be able to get stuck at “100%”
  • Heroes that have not yet been obtained which are labelled “Coming Soon” and “Event Only” should now be sorted together at the bottom of the Hero Collection
  • The “SKILLS” GUI in battle should now fit more than 5 skills with a scrollable list
  • In the team select screen after the 4th hero slot is unlocked, the “FIGHT” button should no longer turn grey

Miscellaneous Fixes/Changes:

  • An issue that could cause the game client to stop working properly when summoning Heroes with a low-bandwidth client-server connection should now be resolved
  • Between 0:00 and 8:00 UTC, the Arena “FIGHT” button had an issue continuously preventing the player from entering the Arena if they had the maximum Daily Gauntlet kills. This should now be resolved
  • Tapping the screen during the summon animation should now be able to skip the animation when summoning Heroes below a base rarity of Epic
  • There was an issue with the 1.1.6 fix stating “The final Hero randomly chosen as a reward for completing all Daily Rewards should no longer be able to repeat consecutively after being awarded”. Under rare circumstances, the Ursus Rager could repeat consecutively. This issue should now be resolved
  • The set of Heroes used to randomly choose a reward for completing all Daily Rewards should now include a greater number of different Heroes
  • After returning to the Village from a battle while certain events are running, the loading screen should no longer be able to get stuck at “100%”
  • The “Master Summoner (2/9)” Achievement should now properly gain 1 point of credit instead of 2 when using 1 key

Date Published: Apr 16, 2018