Dark Moon: Update 1.1.7

March 6th, 2017 Hotfix Notes:

The Mirror Cult seems to have invaded our servers this weekend and we had to do some work to repair things! Sorry for the delay in getting these fixes out to everyone.

Here are the Hotfix Notes! Make sure to check your mailbox in the game too! The event is back up and running as intended!

  • The Lion’s Share Bundle is meant to contain 3800 Sunstones, but its description said it contained 300. The description should now be correct
  • Blood Hornet, Polar Yona, and Lantern Bug graphics should now be properly displayed in the Hero menu
  • The “Challenging Spear” skill should now work as intended
  • All Rise of the Lion bundles should be back in the Shop
  • Rise of the Lion battles had an issue at the highest difficulties preventing battles from working properly. This issue should be resolved
  • Rise of the Lion Honor rewards should now be increased by difficulty
  • Rise of the Lion Honor and Sunstone rewards should now always be properly multiplied by the Vault Keeper Heroes
  • Small quantities of Honor and Sunstones should now be able to drop from normal World battles
  • When Rolanda joins the battle during Rise of the Lion event battles, she should now be much stronger and scale with difficulty
  • The Shard Of Whispers 1/3 achievement should now be able to earn credit
  • The Goal to complete 5 Goals should now properly require 5 Goals instead of 6
  • The Wyld Troll 3/3 achievement’s description should now mention that it must be completed on Doom difficulty
  • The “Flame Priest” achievement should no longer display blue potions as rewards. These blue potions are icons that the game client displayed when it didn’t know what item it should be displaying
  • The Rise of the Lion event should be extended by 1 day
  • Kitsune Trickster should now be properly Wyld instead of Mirror
  • The Rune Mother 2/3 achievement should now award 5 Rune Mother Hero Tokens instead of unintentionally awarding 15
  • Midnight Wolf should no longer cleanse enemy Heroes
  • Highlighted text in story dialog should now be a little more easily readable
  • There was an issue causing most Reflect effects to deal 100% of incoming damage to the attacker. All Reflect effects should now deal 25% of incoming damage to the attacker

Rise of the Lion – New Event!

Join the LEGENDARY HERO Rolanda the Lion against Mirror Cultists trying to summon an ancient evil!

  • Advance through the epic story, and learn more about the world of Dark Moon, by progressing through each battle of the event.
  • Earn Honor to get special Rewards during the event, by finding and defeating the Mirror Cult in the World Map
  • Earn magic-infused Sunstones from defeating the Cult, and spend them on great rewards
  • Get bonus Sunstones and Honor by using Vaultkeeper heroes in battle
  • Honor earned from all Guild members fills a progress bar and offers extra Guild rewards!

New Heroes and Pets!


Rolanda the Lion

A LEGENDARY Hero that heavily supports her team. Buff and revive your allies!

Famed throughout the East as one of the greatest warriors and tacticians alive, she’s a kindly soul; one who prefers farming and a quiet pastoral life to the roar and cries of war.

  • Whirlwind- Damage all enemies
  • Whirlwind Lv. 2- + More damage
  • Rally Call- Boost allies’ ATK by 50% for 2 turns.
  • Rally Call Lv. 2- + Allies ignore def for 2 turns
  • Rally Call Lv. 3- + Revive dead allies
  • Lion’s Roar- Damage and Purge all enemies
  • Lion’s Roar Lv. 2- + 2x damage if a buff was removed
  • Bloodline- Charge. Heal when hit. Allies are healed and gain True Strike when charge ends.
  • Bloodline Lv.2- + Allies gain 2x damage to Mirror
  • Gallant Revolt- Allies are immune to Silence and Skill Lock
  • Summerlander (Racial)- Passive. Resist Gaea damage.
The Lionslayer

A LEGENDARY Hero that hits heavy and prevents enemies from being buffed!

Legends say that the Lionslayers are ancient heroes of the young races, thirteen in all, who fell to the Mirror and were turned into twisted mockeries of the champions they once were.

  • Devastate- Damage an enemy
  • Devastate Lv. 2- + More damage
  • Calamitous Mark- Damage, Purge, and Buff Block an enemy for 2 turns. During this time they cannot be buffed.
  • Calamitous Mark Lv. 2- + Buff Block for 3 turns
  • Allegiance- Boost ATK. Gain additional ATK for each Mirror ally.
  • Allegiance Lv. 2- + Gain additional ATK for each Mirror enemy.
  • Executioner- Charge! Deal massive damage to an enemy.
  • Executioner Lv.2- + Shorter cooldown
  • Hero Slayer- Passive. Deal +25% damage to Legendary heroes
  • Mirror (Racial)- Passive. Immune to Corrupt.


  • Spring Wisp (Very Rare) – Poison attackers (Gaea Reward Box)
  • Plague Pup (Very Rare) – Corrupt attackers (Mirror Reward Box)
  • Palapup (Rare) – Half of your HP is replaced with a Shield. (Lion’s Dawn Bundle)
  • Pink Cuddly (Legendary) – Immune to Corruption. (Personal Progression Event Reward)
  • Caticorn (Legendary) – Chance to Cleanse when hit. (Guild Progression Event Reward)
  • Cutethulhu (Epic) – Immune to Silence (Pet Box)
  • Emerald Boar (Rare) – Immune to Skill Lock (Pet Box)
  • Summer Wisp (Epic) – Immune to Burn (Pet Box + Big Pet Box)
  • Blue Cuddly (Rare) – Gain Shield when hit (Pet Box)

New Features / Re-Designs

A whole new set of Goals has been created!  Goals from before 1.1.7 should still be able to be completed, but should no longer appear as new Daily Goals.  Goals that never expire are now called Achievements, and are sorted into a separate “Achievements” tab.

Nat Goals

A new button called “Tips” should now be available in the Village for players who haven’t yet completed Tumbledowns. Tapping this button should cause Natalia to help players progress and simultaneously earn Goal rewards!

  • New to Dark Moon? Need guidance? Natalia will give some sage advice as you explore the vast world with a new feature: Nat Goals.
  • Tap on her icon in the HUD to see a recommended Goal
  • Complete the Goal to earn rewards that will help you get farther along in the game


Goals have gotten a complete redesign:

  • Goals are easier, and more streamlined
  • Goals fit into main progression better
  • Rewards were revamped


  • Located in the Goals UI
  • Complete Achievements to more extra rewards

Changes & Fixes

Pet Changes:

  • The Mist Tsula Pet’s Vanish duration should now last 2 turns instead of 3 turns
  • The Pink Tsula Pet’s passive effect should no longer guarantee acting first. Instead, it should now increase the Hero’s Speed stat by 50
  • The Stone Shield Pet’s passive effect should now cause the Hero to be immune to Stun instead of resisting Stun

Balance Changes:

  • The Arena should now be available to unlock at player level 4
  • Moon Druid’s “Lullaby” skill level 1/2 should now apply Silence with a duration of 1 turn instead of 2 turns
  • Moon Druid’s “Lullaby” skill level 2/2 should now apply Silence with a duration of 2 turn instead of 3 turns
  • Moon Druid’s “Lullaby” skill should now deal more damage at both levels
  • Moon Druid’s “Nightingale” skill’s healing should have increased
  • Moon Druid’s base Speed value should be reduced by 10%
  • Midnight Wolf should no longer start battles with Vanish
  • Midnight Wolf’s “Stalking Pounce” skill level 2/2 should no longer cause Midnight Wolf to Vanish
  • Midnight Wolf’s “Stalking Pounce skill level 2/2 upgrade should now increase damage dealt
  • Midnight Wolf’s base HP should have increased
  • Midnight Wolf’s base Defense should have decreased slightly
  • Purge should now consistently remove all buffs from the target instead of sometimes removing just 1
  • Cleanse should now consistently remove all debuffs from the target instead of sometimes removing just

Hero Skill Fixes/Changes:

  • Applying Burn to a Burning enemy should now increase the duration of Burn by 1 turn
  • Moon Druid’s “Lullaby” skill level 2/2 had a longer cooldown than level 1/2, with 5 turns. It should now be 4 turns instead, which is the same as level ½
  • If Bullseye is applied to a Hero with Vanish, the next damage-dealing attack affecting that Hero should no longer be able to miss
  • Wound should now be able to gain unlimited stacks
  • Wound’s damage has been reduced from 15% of the Hero’s current HP to 10% of the Hero’s current HP per stack

Arena Changes:

  • Starting from the week after the release of 1.1.7, the Heroes chosen as rank 1 rewards for Brawls should no longer change unexpectedly during the Brawl when updates are released

Hero Menu Fixes:

  • The Pet menu’s sorting method should now be remembered between sessions

Display Fixes:

  • Upgrading a Pet that’s equipped to a Hero who’s ready to rarity boost should no longer cause rarity boost graphical effects to appear overlapping the Pet menu
  • In the team select menu, viewing a Hero’s profile with a Pet equipped then moving it out of its slot and back in should no longer increase that Hero’s displayed power
  • Skill icons in Hero Profile menus should now properly fit their frames
  • An regression causing the Arena World leaderboard to not be able to scroll past rank 100 should now be resolved
  • When trying to upgrade or unlock a skill without enough Coins, after buying the Coins with Crowns, the red cost text should now properly turn white
  • At floor multiples of 5 in the Draft Dungeon, the victory banner’s reward preview should now properly preview the current reward tier’s chest instead of the next tier’s
  • The rarity boost sequence for max-rarity Heroes should now display the correct rarity gem on the rarity banner
  • Switching Pet slots should now always properly update the Hero’s displayed power
  • The Mail icon in the Village should now always display the correct number in its notification badge for the number of Mail entries available to collect
  • In the Hero menu, the Hero model should no longer be able to overlap the Pets or Skills popups
  • The Hero profile popup was previously artificially limited to displaying 5 skills maximum. It should now properly display all available skills
  • The Hero menu Skills tab was previously artificially limited to displaying 5 skills maximum. It should now properly display all available skills

Miscellaneous Fixes/Changes:

  • The introductory tutorial should now resume properly after the game is closed during Skein 2’s victory screen
  • If the game client is in the background for 10 minutes outside of battle, the next time it’s focused, the game client should now soft-restart
  • If the game client is in the background for 2 hours in battle, the next time it’s focused, the game client should now soft-restart
  • The Goals “GO!” button’s functionality has been rewritten. It should now always bring the player to somewhere useful to begin earning credit for its associated Goal

Date Published: Apr 16, 2018