Dark Moon: Update 1.1.5

New Event: Arena Token Challenge

  • Players will earn Key Dust from PVP battles, which is consumed to buy chest reward pulls in the Shop for Hero Tokens, Gems, and Coins

UI Fixes

  • Viewing opponents’ Hero Profile menus in the Arena team select screen should no longer show the wrong Heroes after using the “NEW ENEMY” button (Updated with 1.1.4.)
  • The Hero Menu should now display rarity of Heroes at max rarity properly
  • The back buttons tap region should no longer overlap the button for refreshing Side Quests in some screen aspect ratios
  • Guild member context menus should no longer be able to appear partially off the screen. This should resolve an issue preventing players from kicking or demoting players at or near the bottom of Guild member lists due to obscured buttons
  • Guild names and banners should now be properly displayed on the Arena World Leaderboard
  • Notification badges on Village GUI buttons should no longer prevent button taps

Hero Fixes

  • The “Naga” racial passive skill had an issue causing it to have multiple chances to Shield each ally and has been changed. It should now have a chance per ally to apply a massive Shield to that ally. Its relative power level should be approximately the same
  • Wyld Vine’s “Wyldling” passive skill should now properly apply to itself instead of to an enemy Hero
  • Cadaverine Poisoner’s “Toxic Mist” passive skill should no longer lack a description
  • Heal Block should now properly block Regeneration ticks

Quest/Goal Fixes

  • The “Murder in the Rain” Side Quest was awarding 4 Greed Goblins instead of 4 Greed Goblin Tokens, which resulted in it awarding 80 Greed Goblin Tokens. It should now properly award 4 Greed Goblin Tokens instead
  • The “Vaultkeeper” goal to summon 5 times should no longer require new Heroes to be summoned


  • Memory usage on iOS should be reduced, preventing memory-related crashes on some iOS devices

Date Published: Apr 16, 2018