Update 1.1.4

Hotfix Notes: January 19th, 2018

  • The Fate’s Roll XP Event 5th guild reward tier should now properly award 1 Eclipse Key instead of 3 Eclipse Keys
  • The Fate’s Roll XP Event 6th guild reward tier should now properly award 2 Eclipse Keys instead of nothing. We plan to mail any players who did not receive their Eclipse Keys from having earned this tier 2 Eclipse Keys
  • Fate’s Roll XP Event reward tooltips should now display the proper names for Shard Keys and Eclipse Keys
  • Corbie Apprentice’ “Nullification Orbs” skill description should now more accurately match its effect
  • Frost Elemental’s “Ice Spikes” skill should no longer cause battles to get stuck
  • Frost Elemental’s “Ice Spikes” skill should now damage a single target 4 times instead of once. It should deal the same total amount of damage on average
  • Frost Elemental’s “Ice Spikes” skill description has been changed to accurately describe its intended effect

1.1.4. Hotfix Notes January 18th, 2018.

  • Drop rates for Epic Pets have been increased, especially in later battles
  • Upgrading Pets should no longer be able to set the player’s Coins to negative values
  • The “Kitsune” racial skill should now properly cause Heroes with it to act first
  • White Wolf’s “Ravenous Bite” had been changed to bite only once instead of twice in 1.1.4, but its damage was still half of what it should have been. It should now properly deal full damage with 1 bite
  • The “On The Bounty” Side Quest should no longer award too many Crowns
  • There was an issue with the fix for “The Final Battle” Goal in 1.1.4, which should now be resolved
  • Arena Brawl rank 1 Hero rewards should now be changed back to what they were before 1.1.4
  • Goals requiring a property vs. another property should now properly track credit
  • Pet rewards have been standardized through the World, so that later chapters award rarer Pets. There was an issue unintentionally preventing
  • Pets of some rarities from appearing in many battles
  • Epic Pet drop rates have been doubled -Very Rare Pet drop rates have been reduced
  • The “Fate’s Roll Starter” bundle now properly shows an intended Silver Key in its art instead of an unintended Gold Key
  • 1 new tier of rewards has been added to each of the personal and guild progressions of the Fate’s Roll XP Event

1.1.4 Update Notes: General Changes

New Additions

  • New event: Fate’s Roll: Players will earn and use dice, which are consumed
  • To boost a random hero’s XP gain during a battle.
  • A new Epic Mirror Hero, Mirror Blighter, has been added to the game! Mirror Blighter can be earned through the Fate’s Roll XP Event

  • Event-exclusive Heroes can now be found in Summon Keys, but only if they’ve been earned during their events. If not yet owned, these Heroes will be shown as “LOCKED” in lists of possible summons
  • Hero Token entries in the Shop’s Front page now start with a lower Coins cost than they did previously and end with a higher Coins cost as more are purchased. These costs will be reset each day. The total cost to buy all Tokens has increased, but the cost to buy the first several Tokens has decreased

Bug Fixes

  • All goals should now properly have names and descriptions
  • “Arena Bounty” goals should no longer be able to earn credit outside Arena
  • The “Pet Upgrades” goal should now properly require 3 Pet upgrades instead of 10
  • “The Final Battle” goal should now properly track credit
  • Changing one’s own player avatar should now properly update it wherever it’s displayed
  • The Side Quest team select screen’s tap regions have been polished to prevent accidentally closing the screen
  • Editing Guild details should now properly affect the editor’s game client immediately without having to manually reopen the Guild GUI
  • The Guild message log’s scroll region gradients no longer prevent taps
  • The Guild message log’s scroll region gradients are now properly displayed and hidden depending on scroll position
  • In the Team Select screen, a warning for being out of Loot Tokens should now properly be displayed, and only when out of Loot Tokens
  • Side Quest reward preview tooltips should now properly display the numbers of rewards instead of “x0”<
  • The Crowns cost of 10 Loot Tokens has been increased from 200 Crowns to 250 Crowns
  • Hero models in the Arena loot rewards screen should now always be properly aligned in their preview boxes in all aspect ratios
  • The Side Quest instant completion confirmation string should no longer appear truncated
  • Daily Rewards should no longer unexpectedly reset to day 1
  • Tapping skill descriptions for skills with highlighted effects such as Vanish, Poison, True Strike, etc. in the Summon and Hero menus should now display tooltip descriptions for all relevant effects
  • Legendary pets as loot are now properly previewed in the Quick Loot menu and CHANCE tooltips. These pets were already given as rewards, but were unintentionally prevented them from being displayed in the loot previews
  • Starting a drag from a blank space between Heroes in a team select screen’s selection list should no longer prevent scrolling the selection list
  • Starting a Side Quest after refreshing the Quest List should no longer require exiting the Side Quest menu to prevent an error
  • The game client’s local storage usage should no longer be able to increase excessively
  • Guild Titan passive effects should now be properly applied to all guild members’ Heroes in Arena battles
  • Skill upgrade panels now hide Hero models while open to prevent effects from overlapping the GUI
  • The Warcaller Bundle should no longer be displayed in the Shop for accounts that have existed for longer than 7 days


Bug Fixes:
  • Vault Master Timothy’s “Inferno Blitz” skill upgrade description should now make more sense, since the upgrade adds more damage and the skill already guarantees crit
  • Sloth Goblin’s “Sleepy Stick” should now deal more damage
  • Sloth Goblin’s “Grumpy” passive skill should now start automatically unlocked
  • Sloth Goblin’s “Grumpy” passive skill should now have level 2, which should make the Sloth Goblin immune to Stun
  • Sloth Goblin’s “Grumpy” passive skill should now properly boost the Sloth Goblin’s ATK when taking a hit
  • Naga Paladin’s skill upgrades should now properly require Gaea gems instead of Mirror gems
  • Rune Mother’s “Widowmaker” skill which consumes ally buffs to deal damage should now deal damage more predictably for the number of buffs consumed
  • Snow Stumbler’s cloud should now always properly face the camera during the rarity boost sequence
  • Vault Master Timothy’s skill upgrade path should no longer unlock 2 skills simultaneously for 1 cost
  • Vault Master Timothy’s “Inferno Blitz” skill should now properly apply a Burning debuff that lasts 1 turn instead of 3 turns
  • The Ivy Elf racial passive skill should no longer apply an unintended Shield buff
  • Cadaverine Reaper’s “Reap” skill should now properly have a chance to Poison
  • Moon Druid’s skill upgrades should now properly require Gaea gems instead of Wyld gems
  • Skills which damage the caster should no longer be able to crit on the caster. This fixes a regression introduced in 1.1.2 caused by the fix to pet crit damage bonuses
  • The Wolf racial passive skill should now be properly applied for each allied Wolf
  • Hound Mistress should now properly have an Epic portrait frame instead of a Legendary portrait frame
  • Trelis Huntress’ “Tracking Volley” skill description should now properly state that it damages all enemies instead of just one. The skill’s functionality has not been changed
  • Moon Druid’s “Light Of Lunara” skill description now states explicitly that it permanently boosts SKL. This skill’s functionality has not changed
  • Broken King’s skill upgrade path should no longer be broken
  • Ursus War Caller’s “Frost Roar” now deals more damage when upgraded to Lv. 2 and “Grizzled” now correctly boosts HP by 10%
  • Ivy Elf Warden’s “Seed Barrage” now always Tangles
  • Pride Goblin’s “Kidney Punch” now deals damage
  • Mirror Ogre’s Mirror Smash now displays 2 levels properly
  • Dream Unicorn’s “Grace” now properly Cleanses
  • Stitch Bonecaller’s “Will of the Dead” now properly hits all enemies

Balance Changes

  • Locations of Hero Tokens in the World have been shuffled
  • Equipping a Pet after the first time now cost Coins, increasing in cost until a maximum of 25000. Each Pet’s equip cost is remembered and does not reset
  • Frozen should no longer reduce damage taken by 50%
  • Frozen should no longer be removed by Friendship Combo attacks
  • The Crowns cost of 10 Loot Tokens has been increased from 200 Crowns to 250 Crowns
  • Event-specific rewards available from Quick Loot and battle rewards should now appear in the lists of possible rewards for those battles
  • Hero tokens have once again been shuffled


Bug Fixes
  • Pets should no longer be able to remain equipped after being unequipped
  • Unequipping a Pet should now always properly remove the equipped Pet from its Hero

Draft Dungeon

New Additions
  • While drafting Heroes in the Draft Dungeon, the next set of the player’s Heroes that will be drafted is now previewed
  • Some polish has been applied to the main Draft Dungeon GUI
Bug Fixes
  • The Daily Rewards popup should no longer appear after every battle if collected already that day. This should prevent the “Dungeon” button in Draft Dungeon from redirecting to the Village repeatedly
  • The tooltip showing the enemy preview for the last battle in the Draft Dungeon should now properly display its battle number
  • The first player’s game client to check the Draft Dungeon week after a week has just finished should no longer be disconnected when it does so
  • Tapping chest icons in the main Draft Dungeon GUI should now display a list of possible rewards
  • Players who have not completed the first battle in a Draft Dungeon week should no longer receive rewards for that week
  • Player Profile menus opened from Draft Dungeon leaderboards should now properly display the corresponding players’ avatars
  • After a Draft Dungeon battle is completed, the victory banner should now properly display the player’s new rank
  • Skill cooldown states should now be properly maintained between Draft Dungeon battles
  • Dungeon floor info tooltips should now display the correct battle numbers
  • After having completed Draft Dungeon battle 100, the player’s position should now be properly displayed on the dungeon map
Known Issues
  • Linking account to Google Play or Game Center only works properly during the initial startup sequence
  • Arena AI can repeatedly use the same skill, leading to an endless stalemate
  • Draft Dungeon “Heroes Available” count doesn’t match between battle GUI and main menu GUI
  • Event-specific Shop entries don’t populate on event start without restarting the game client
  • When a guild leader leaves their guild, no player is automatically promoted to leader
  • The game client must be restarted if no network connection has been detected for at least 2 minutes
  • The rewards sequence for the third Daily Gauntlet chest within a day doesn’t show a summary of the items awarded
  • All available Side Quests can require Heroes the player doesn’t own

Date Published: Apr 16, 2018