Dark Moon: Update 1.1.3


3 Hotfix Updates:

  1. The Hero Token that gives bonus Coins when donated to a guild should now properly change to a random Hero Token every 24 hours.
  2. Those users that were incorrectly given a silver key instead of the Diamond Key that they had earned in the Draft Dungeon, have now been given their correct reward. This went all those affected from the first 2 weeks that the dungeon has run.
  3. Corbie Keymaster tokens have been replaced to drop the correctly displayed Cadaverine Reaper tokens from 4-6 hard.

Known Issue:

For the missing ‘moving timer’ for the Black Mask: Originally the event was only supposed to go until the 2nd of January, with the card table following the timers that were shown. Since the card table timer was also being displayed for the event itself we needed to either adjust the timer for the event or extend it to match the ending time displayed in the game. That is what we did but unfortunately the “moving” timer didn’t continue to be displayed.

Lionheart: Dark Moon Bug Fix Update

  • Draft Dungeon information banners are now properly displayed for iOS users
  • The camera should no longer get stuck if 2 heroes are killed simultaneously in the Draft Dungeon
  • Enemy heroes killed on their own turns (by Burning, Reflect, Corruption, Poison, or anything else) are now properly counted as kills in the Arena Daily Gauntlet
  • Draft Dungeon players tied with other players at the same rank should now be tied at the highest possible rank instead of the lowest
  • Fleeing in the Draft Dungeon should now properly reset Heroes to their last state when the Draft Dungeon is resumed
  • If the player’s last Hero dies in the same turn as it dealt the final killing blow in a battle, the player should now be awarded a victory instead of a defeat
  • Battles that previously showed a messed up team select screen should now work properly
  • Passive effects are now properly applied in the Draft Dungeon
  • An issue introduced in 1.1.1 causing many skills to deal no damage should now be fixed
  • Greater Owl’s name is now properly “Greater Owl” instead of just “Owl”

Known Issues:

Players who are tied in the Draft Dungeon see their rank and current rewards incorrectly in the main Draft Dungeon screen, after Draft Dungeon battles, and on the end-of-week Draft Dungeon reward screen, but correctly on the Draft Dungeon leaderboard. Despite the incorrect rank displays, the correct rank’s rewards will be awarded to these players at the end of the Draft Dungeon week

Date Published: Apr 16, 2018