1.1.14 – Extra, Extra…read all about it! News feature added!

Hotfixed Items (Aug. 10th, 2018)

  • Rise Of The Lion Lifetime Award icons should no longer appear as white squares
  • Rise Of The Lion Lifetime Award tooltip headers should now say “RISE OF THE LION” instead of “THE ROSE WAR EVENT”
  • The goal to “Do 1 arena battle” required the player to win an arena battle. Its description has been changed to “Win 1 arena battle” to clarify

Hotfixed Items:

  • The Legendary Vault Sage Natalia’s “Book Toss” skill had an issue preventing it from having a chance to stun Dark and Mirror targets. This issue should now be resolved
  • Recent event-only heroes have been added to keys. Their tokens can now be obtained when using keys by players who have collected those heroes

Update 1.1.14 is here and we are happy to announce that we have added a News feature to the game! We’ve received a lot of requests for this and are delighted to have added it! You can now keep up to date with all of the comings and goings in Lionheart: Dark Moon! Another big and exciting change comes to gameplay! Charge will now last through waves! Never waste a skill again! The release notes for 1.1.14 are below. As always, contact us through the in game Support tool with any questions or suggestions you may have!


  • July 27th – Tournament of Champions: Snowstorm with chill weather
  • August 3rd – Rise of the Lion with an improved Lionslayer!

New Heroes

Cinnabar (Gaea)

A LEGENDARY hero that doubles Coin and Sunstone rewards at the end of battle! Steal enemy buffs and consume them to greatly heal your team!

The richest woman in the Free Countries. A former street thug, she’s worked her way up through Ibrim’s social ranks with a mix of violence and cunning. There’s not a trade route she doesn’t control.

“That’s Lady Cinnabar. When she whispers, the entire east leans in and listens…” -Ubbar Beck, Ibrimite Caravan Guard


  • Three Wishes – Damage [3] random enemies
  • Three Wishes Lv. 2 – + Apply a random status effect (Burn, Poison, Wound, Bullseye, Skill Lock, Stun)
  • Trade Advantage – Damage an enemy. Transfer all debuffs and status effects from allies to the enemy!
  • Trade Advantage Lv. 2 – + Shorter cooldown
  • Stripped Influence – Deal huge damage to all enemies. Enemy buffs are stolen and given to Cinnabar!
  • Stripped Influence Lv. 2 – + Silence if a Buff was stolen
  • Profiteer – Deal huge damage to all enemies. Enemy buffs are stolen and given to Cinnabar!
  • Profiteer Lv. 2 – + Silence if a Buff was stolen
  • Levy – Passive. Double Sunstone and Coin rewards at the end of battle! Cinnabar must survive to get the rewards
  • Ibrimite (Race) – Passive. Resist Burn and Poison

Mimic (Gaea)

A VERY RARE hero that counters enemy attacks and copies ally’s HP, property and buffs!

Unknown. Most sages consider the Mimics a type of Daemon, a creature caught half between the material and spirit worlds. If true, it might explain their malicious intellect and shapeshifting appearance.

“Sweet! A treasure che…!” -last words of ‘The Scarlet Lynx’, famous thief


  • Tongue Smack – Damage an enemy
  • Tongue Smack Lv. 2 – + More damage
  • Mock – Counter enemy attacks for [3] turns! Each time an enemy attacks you, automatically attack them back
  • Mock Lv. 2 – + Always Crit
  • Copy Cat – Copy an ally’s HP, property, and current buffs!
  • Echo Damage – Damage an enemy for half of your remaining HP. Take the same damage
  • Echo Damage Lv. 2 – + Skill Lock
  • Daemon (Race) – Passive. Start with Vanish

Executioner Gallowglum (Dark)

A LEGENDARY hero that can break Protect! Mark enemies with a KO debuff that guarantees their death after 3 turns (cannot be used on bosses).

The last in a line of ceremonial Skein executioners. Gallowglum is a vast brute of a man, and as soft-hearted as he is huge. He dislikes violence and has never actually had the heart to kill a criminal.

“Maybe… we could just give them a good talking to? Instead of killing them?” -Gallowglum discussing the proposed execution of a prisoner


  • Reluctant Strike – Damage an enemy. Break Protect!
  • Executioner’s Mark – Damage an enemy. Apply Knockout! After [3] turns, the enemy will be killed. Cannot be applied to Bosses
  • Executioner’s Mark Lv. 2 – + Stun
  • Lubberly Heave – Deal huge damage to an enemy. If the enemy is killed, all other enemies are Stunned!
  • Lubberly Heave Lv. 2 – + Shorter cooldown
  • Dwadle – Charge! Protect your team. Greatly boost your DEF. Lower enemies’ DEF when charge ends!
  • Dwadle Lv. 2 – + Protect your team for [2] turns
  • Cheer Up! – Passive. Greatly boost allies’ DEF at low HP
  • Skeinian (Race) – Passive. Resist Dark damage

Gallows Stumbler (Dark)

A RARE hero that is incredibly vicious despite its cute appearance. Drain enemies when attacking, and Bullseye to guarantee Crits!

A strange little daemon that often mimics the appearance of childrens’ toys. They’re malicious and seem to enjoy whispering awful things into the ears of anyone unlucky enough to fall asleep near them.

“Killllll themmmmm. Killllll themmmmm alllllllll” -‘Lord’ Stumbun, a strange stuffed rabbit owned by Gallowglum


  • Flail Toss – Damage an enemy. Chance [Mid] to Bullseye!
  • Flail Toss Lv. 2 – + Always Bullseye
  • Demagogue – Boost allies’ Crit DMG. 2x boost for Gallowglum!
  • Demagogue Lv. 2 – + Ignore DEF
  • Threaten – Damage an enemy. Command Rare allies to join the attack!
  • Threaten Lv. 2 – + Gallowglum to join the attack!
  • Gnaw! – Passive. Always Drain enemies when attacking!
  • Daemon (Race) – Passive. Start with Vanish

Changes & Fixes

Guild Fixes/Changes:

  • An issue introduced in 1.1.13 caused the Guild Titan donation Daily Bonus hero token to no longer change or give extra Coins and Titan XP. This issue should now be resolved
  • The Guild chat unread message counter should no longer count the player’s messages
  • The Guild chat ticker should no longer sometimes erroneously display “(Leader)” after player names
  • Guild minimum player level should no longer apply, so players below the configured minimum player level can join the guild. It is planned to prevent those players from joining in a future update
  • After leaving a guild and joining one again, the guild chat ticker should no longer contain a message suggesting to join a guild
  • Restarting the game after disabling the Guild chat ticker should no longer enable it again
  • Rarity names in guild chat messages about having summoned heroes should now be localized
  • After a guild member who has sent a guild chat message recently changes their player name, guild chat history should now show that player’s most updated name instead of their previous name

Gameplay Changes:

  • When a wave’s enemies are defeated, skills with Charge effects should no longer be interrupted

Hero Fixes:

  • An issue introduced in 1.1.13 caused Rune Mother to no longer revive allies. This issue should now be resolved
  • Solumnian Wall Captain’s “For The Order!” skill’s description incorrectly implied that it should deal increased damage based on current HP. The description has been edited to explain that it should deal increased damage based on missing HP. The skill’s effect has not been changed
  • Solumnia Wall Captain’s “Stronghold” skill did nothing for a brief period after the release of 1.1.14. This issue should now be resolved
  • Mana Giant’s “Mana Burst” skill level 2/2 upgrade description said “+ Stun”, but did not add a stun effect to the skill. Level 2/2 should now stun
  • The Lionslayer’s “Executioner” skill’s charge graphical effect should no longer visually overlap heroes in the foreground
  • Grave Reaper’s “Mark Of Death” had an issue preventing it from reducing a hero’s max HP more than 3 times. It should no longer be limited in this way, and should be able to reduce a hero’s HP by 100% after 10 turns, leaving them at 1 HP

Goal Fixes:

  • The “Quenching Flames” goal to complete Trelis 7 with only Elemental heroes should now be properly credited for completion
  • The “Baby Wings” goal to complete Solumnia 7 with Mirror Whelp should now be properly credited for completion

Display Fixes:

  • There should no longer be duplicate Brawl Season leaderboard entries every 50 ranks starting at rank 100
  • The unread chat message counter should no longer reset after logging in and after each battle
  • In 1.1.13, HP bars in battle were changed to no longer be able to be drawn off the screen. There was an issue with this fix, causing HP bars to be positioned lower than intended in some cases, overlapping hero models when they didn’t need to. This issue should now be improved
  • When playing Tumbledowns 7, the story dialog would play during every playthrough for players who started playing after the release of 1.1.13. This issue should now be resolved

Arena  Fixes/Changes:

  • The Battle Stats menu accessible through the Battle Logs menu had been removed in 1.0.0. It has now been redesigned and restored! Players should now be able to view information about past arena battles
  • When seasons reset, players above 10000 Trophies had their Trophies reset to 10000 before receiving weekly brawl rewards instead of after, causing incorrect rewards to be awarded. This issue should now be resolved for future season resets

Purchase Fixes/Changes:

  • When cancelling an IAP purchase, the buy button should now be enabled without having to reopen the shop pack preview

Miscellaneous Fixes/Changes:

  • The game should no longer freeze for new users if they summon Mirror Tick and view it in the hero collection within their first session
  • Answering “NO” to an account conflict question about whether you want to replace your saved account with local progress should no longer act like answering “YES”
  • The Options menu should now appear as a tab in the Player Profile menu
  • iOS notifications should no longer be able to appear while the game is focused
  • The account conflict resolution prompt should no longer show unicode player names incorrectly

Date Published: Aug 29, 2018