1.1.11 – New Events

Fight to increase your Trophy count before the Arena Slayer event, which takes place the weekend of May 11!

  • Higher leagues, and Very Rare or Epic heroes, earn bonus points
  • Battle for progression rewards, Leaderboard ranks and Key Dust
  • Use the Key Dust to open chests with special Hero Token rewards (including the event-limited heroes)

The Week of Knives runs through the weekend of May 18, when the legendary PRINCE OF WOUNDS is revealed! He leads a Hunt against the Vaultkeepers and his Mirror Rivals, in an effort to corrupt one of the Gaea heroes

  • Unlock the new Legendary hero by opening chests using Sunstones you earn in the event or can buy in the shop
  • Use the new Prince of Wounds, or Mirror Blighter, Hound Mistress and other Mirror heroes for bonus points during the Hunt Event
  • Fight for Leaderboard ranks, with the top-ranked players unlocking the new exclusive mirror-corrupted ECLIPSE DRUID!

New Heroes rise from the grave with the March of the Dead – featuring the legendary LORD OF SHADOWS and epic GRAVE REAPER – during the weekend of May 25!

  • Two Challenge battles will run during the event, allowing players of higher level to challenge themselves for even more Honor points on the Guild Leaderboard
  • Unlock the EPIC Grave Reaper by defeating all the normal Challenge battles
  • Get the LORD OF SHADOWS by opening chests during the event

The Snowstorm Tournament takes place during the weekend of June 1, with new Blizzard weather effects to challenge your heroes in the fight for Trophies!

  • Another chance to unlock the legendary MAGMA GARM hero as Fire battles Ice during the tournament
  • Use heroes resistant to Chill effects, such as the legendary URSUS UMBER, who will be available again during the event!
  • Earn Champion’s Stones from Win Streaks and reveal big rewards on the Tournament Card Table

1.1.11 – New Heroes

Coming with March of the Dead

Lord of Shadows (Dark)

A LEGENDARY Hero that Revive Blocks his enemies and Commands Undead allies to join attacks.

He rode north determined to shatter the Corbies. Instead, he died out on the ice, spitting hatred as he fell. Now… He stirs once more.

  • Tomb Slash- Damage an enemy x2.
  • Tomb Slash Lv. 2- + Crit Lock
  • Grave March – Boost Undead (race) ATK for each allied Undead in battle
  • Grave March Lv. 2- + Double Crit Chance
  • Dispersion – Damage all enemies. Heal allies based on damage dealt.
  • Dispersion Lv. 2- + Double Healing for Undead
  • Undying Command – Command Undead allies to attack an enemy.
  • Undying Command Lv. 2- + Allies ignore DEF.
  • Shadow Ruler – Passive. Gain a life for each enemy you kill (except Draft Dungeon). Automatically revive for each life earned.
  • Shadow Ruler Lv. 2- + Enemies cannot be revived
  • Undead (Race) – Immune to Wound

Grave Reaper (Elemental)

An EPIC hero that controls the enemy team with Heal Block, Purge, and a unique curse.

One of an order of female knights devoted to the Lord of Shadows. Renowned for their brutality and intolerance of non-humans.

  • Scythe Slice – Damage an enemy.
  • Scythe Slice Lv. 2- + Chill
  • Frigid Blades – Damage [4] random enemies.
  • Frigid Blades Lv. 2- + Double damage if Frozen.
  • Mark of Death – Curse an enemy. Curse lowers MAX HP each turn until it’s cleansed.
  • Mark of Death Lv. 2- + Shorter cooldown
  • Bone Rattle – Damage all enemies. Heal Block.
  • Bone Rattle Lv. 2- + Purge
  • Finisher – Passive. Always crit enemies who have 30% HP or lower.
  • Undead (Race) – Immune to Wound

Coming with Mirror Hunt

Prince of Wounds (Mirror)

A LEGENDARY Hero that stacks Wound and Poisons his enemies.

The chief assassin of the Cadaverine, the one that is secretly feared by all other Cadaverine. He has earned his reputation slaying anything and anyone, no matter how well protected they might be.

  • Lacerate – Damage an enemy x2. Wound x2
  • Lacerate Lv. 2- + More damage
  • Razor Lash- Damage random enemies 6 times. Wound.
  • Razor Lash Lv. 2- + Shorter cooldown
  • Break Will- Damage all enemies. Poison if Wounded
  • Break Will Lv. 2- + Heal Block
  • Greater Sunder- Drain all enemies. HP gained is amplified based on Wound stacks.
  • Greater Sunder Lv. 2- + More healing
  • Unyielding Evil- Resist Gaea damage
  • Unyielding Evil Lv. 2- Allies resist Gaea damage
  • Cadaverine (Race) – Deal double damage to Elves.

Eclipse Druid (Mirror)

An EPIC hero that supports her team by healing, and Revive Blocking Wyld enemies.

Once a druid of Trelis, now a thing twisted by the influence of the Mirror. She works to defile the wilderness and turn it lifeless and black, much like the Mirrorlands.

  • Lunar Corruption – Damage an enemy. Ignore DEF if Wyld
  • Lunar Corruption Lv. 2 – + Corrupt
  • Penumbra – Drain all enemies
  • Penumbra Lv. 2 – + 2x Drain if Wyld
  • Penumbra Lv. 3 – + Heal Block
  • Undying Devotion – Damage yourself to greatly heal allies.
  • Undying Devotion Lv. 2 – + Fully heal Mirror allies
  • Eternal Night – Passive. Mirror allies are revived to low HP.
  • Eternal Night Lv. 2 – + Wyld enemies cannot be revived.
  • Mirror (Race) – Immune to Corruption

1.1.11 Pets

  • Timber Pup (Very Rare) – Start the battle with Protect.
  • Leaf Lynx (Epic) – Heal allies when attacked.
  • Golden Pig (Legendary) – Reflect negative effects back at attackers for [3] turns.

Changes & Fixes

Timer Changes:

  • Daily Goals, Shop Hero Tokens, and Daily Rewards should now reset at 8:00 UTC instead of 0:00 UTC each day

Draft Dungeon Changes/Fixes:

  • Draft Dungeon floor completion “POSSIBLE REWARDS” reward preview tooltips should now match the intended possible rewards awarded

Hero Changes:

  • Dark Wisp’s race has been changed to “Wisp”. Its racial passive skill has not been changed
  • Duncan Valesong’s race has been changed to “Summerlander”. Its racial passive skill has not been changed
  • Grave Mage (formerly Oathbound Mage) and Grave Warrior (formerly Oathbound Warrior) have had their races and racial passive skills changed to “Undead” for consistency with Grave Brute (formerly Undead Brute) and 2 new heroes: Lord of Shadow and Grave Reaper. The “Undead” racial passive skill causes immunity to Wound
  • Heroes who die with Pet buffs should now retain those buffs when revived
  • Mana Giant’s, Mana Hawk’s, and Mana Primal’s race has been renamed to “Engine”. Their racial passive skills have not been changed
  • Oathbound Mage has been renamed to “Grave Mage”
  • Oathbound Warrior has been renamed to “Grave Warrior”
  • The “Beetle” race and racial passive skill shared by several heroes has been renamed to “Bug”. The racial passive skill’s functionality has not been changed
  • The collectible Frog King and the boss Frog King had different races. This issue should now be resolved, with both now being “Amphibian”
  • Undead Brute has been renamed to “Grave Brute”
  • Wyld Troll’s race has been changed to “Troll”
  • Wyld Troll’s “Ogre” racial passive skill has been renamed to “Troll”. Its functionality has not been changed

Hero Skill Fixes:

  • Ancient Flame Giant’s “Lava Spew” skill’s damage preview should no longer incorrectly appear as if it will damage the Ancient Flame Giant, but should instead preview the damage it will deal to the enemy Heroes. The skill’s functionality has not been changed
  • Blaze Grimalkin’s “Soothe” skill should now properly heal allies for half of their Max HP instead of half of their current HP
  • Cadaverine Corruptor’s “Dark Crystals” skill should no longer apply an unintended CRIT DMG boost to its target
  • Enemy Magma Garms’ “Pack Leader” skill uses should no longer cause the player’s allied Wolves to attack the enemy Magma Garm’s target, and should instead cause only the enemy Magma Garm’s allied Wolves to attack the target
  • Ivy Elf Herbalist’s “Overgrowth” skill should now Purge before it deals damage instead of after
  • Last Gasp Revive effects should no longer allow heroes to gain duplicate passive buffs
  • Rolanda The Lion’s “Lion’s Roar” skill should now Purge before it deals damage instead of after
  • Rune Mother’s “Powerweave” skill description should now match its effect. The skill’s effect has not been changed
  • Shadow Dancer’s “Shadow Execution” skill should no longer apply an unintended CRIT DMG boost to its target
  • The “Second Chance” buff that’s applied by Smoke Grimalkin’s “Dying Light” skill should now revive its target as intended
  • The collectible Koscha The Deathless’ “Inferno Charge” skill description did not mention that it applied Burn, but it did apply Burn. Its description should now accurately describe all of its effects
  • The collectible Koscha The Deathless’ “Inferno Charge” skill had an issue preventing it from boosting crit chance. This issue should now be resolved
  • The collectible Koscha The Deathless’ “Inferno Charge” skill upgrade descriptions should no longer be missing
  • The collectible Koscha The Deathless’ “Inferno Charge” skill was sometimes able to deal too much damage if it crit naturally. Its base damage has been decreased. With the fix to crit chance boosting, it should now deal more damage on average
  • The Lionslayer’s “Executioner” skill should deal damage again
  • Wendigo Hungerer’s “Stormclaw” skill should now always Chill

Hero Balance Changes:

  • Dark Blob’s “Viscosity” passive skill had an issue preventing it from doing anything. It should now have a high chance to apply a 20% DEF buff for 2 turns when the Dark Blob is hit
  • Frost Unicorn’s “Heart Of The North” passive skill is now an aura, so its effect should always apply while the Frost Unicorn is present and always not apply while the Frost Unicorn is absent
  • Mana Hawk’s “Mark Prey” skill level 1/2’s damage has been increased slightly
  • Mana Hawk’s “Mark Prey” skill level 2/2’s damage has been decreased to match the damage of level 1/2
  • Mana Hawk’s “Mark Prey” skill’s cooldown has been increased by 1 turn
  • Mana Hawk’s base Attack and Skill stats’ balance has been shifted, causing Attack to have decreased and Skill to have increased
  • Mana Hawk’s base Crit chance has been increased from 3% to 5%
  • Mana Hawk’s base Crit Damage has been reduced from 200% to 175%
  • Midnight Bear has been redesigned with the following changes:
    • Midnight Bear’s base HP has been increased and base SKL and ATK decreased
    • Bear’s base DEF has been reduced to 0
    • Midnight Bear’s base Crit chance has been increased to 5%, up from 2.5%
    • Midnight Bear’s “Moonlight” attack should now damage an enemy at level 1/2 and add a self-Cleanse at level 2/2
    • Midnight Bear’s “Claws of Dusk” skill should now deal DEF-ignoring and Property-ignoring damage an enemy and deal the same damage to Midnight Bear at level 1/2 and add Stun at level 2/2
    • Midnight Bear’s “Nightbringer” level 2/2 should now also heal allies for a portion of Midnight Bear’s Max HP
    • Midnight Bear should have a new passive skill named “Forest Protector” which prevents Corrupt and Shield and adds 50% extra Max HP
  • Midnight Bear has 1 known issue which will be addressed in an upcoming hotfix:
    • Midnight Bear’s “Nightbringer” skill does not charge or heal itself to full as intended
  • Mirror Blighter’s “Corruption Chant” skill’s chance to Corrupt per projectile has been increased to “High”, up from “Mid”
  • Mirror Blighter’s “Corruption Chant” skill’s damage has been increased significantly
  • Mirror Ogre’s “Shard Surge” skill damage has been significantly increased
  • Sand Crab’s, Shield Crab’s, and Trelis Shieldmaiden’s basic attacks have been changed to scale with ATK instead of DEF. These attacks’ base damage should be very similar to what it was in 1.1.10 and earlier
  • Sap Stumbler’s “Ogre Toy” has been renamed to “Troll Toy” and should now boost allied Trolls’ ATK as well as allied Ogres’
  • Shadow Bloom’s “Transfer Essence” skill level 2 should now have a cooldown of 1 turn, up from 0 turns
  • Shadow Bloom’s “Transfer Essence” skill should now deal 25% of the Shadow Bloom’s max HP in damage to itself and heal its target for 150% of that damage value

Boss Fixes:

  • Mirror Drake should now be immune to Corrupt
  • The boss Broken King’s “To The Brink” skill’s description said that it would Chill, but Purged instead. Its description should now say that it will Purge
  • The Flame Caller boss in Desert Of Fangs had an issue causing its “Purifying Flame” skill to Silence instead of Purge. It should now Purge as intended

Display Fixes/Changes:

  • An uninitialized Shop panel with a nonexistent pack called “Name” was sometimes visible on the front page of the Shop menu. This should no longer be able to happen
  • “POSSIBLE SUMMONS” hero lists which list which heroes are possible to summon when using a Key should now be sorted by rarity
  • Reward previews, bundle previews, and XP potions should no longer be able to enumerate false self-duplications
  • Tapping the League title header in the main Arena menu should now open the League rewards preview menu
  • The red notification counter that enumerates the number of newly-collected heroes not yet viewed in the Hero Collection should now properly disappear when all newly-collected heroes have been viewed
  • The Shop button in the Village should now display a notification counter when the daily Hero Tokens available in the Shop have been refreshed
  • When Skill Locked in battle, the locked skill’s locked duration appeared to last 1 turn longer than the Skill Lock debuff’s duration. This issue should be resolved

Goals & Achievements Fixes/Changes:

  • Current unfinished Daily Goals should now always expire each day when Daily Goals reset, so players should now always have a maximum of 1 set of Daily Goals
  • The Daily Goal to collect a Side Quest should now properly earn credit
  • The “QUICK LOOTER (5/9)” achievement’s requirement should now match its description. Players who had partial progress on it should have equal proportional progress toward its completion

Miscellaneous Fixes/Changes:

  • Hero models now load asynchronously, which should improve performance when adding heroes in the pre-battle team selection menu and viewing heroes in the Hero Collection
  • If enough Gems and Coins were available, tapping the skill upgrade button more than once quickly was able to consume extra Gems and Coins for no benefit. This should no longer be possible
  • The player level up sequence is now a full screen displaying features which are unlocked with that layer.

Known Issues:

  • Last Gasp Revive pets no longer revive their heroes
  • Rolanda The Lion’s “Rally Call” can no longer be used without any dead allies

Date Published: May 14, 2018