Dark Moon Update: 1.1.1

Dec. 19th Hotfix Notes

  • Updated difficulty to make Stormfur Bay, Trellis and early draft dungeon easier.
  • Localization will all be updated.
  • Battles that were broken have been fixed (some boss battles).
  • Draft Dungeon weekly rewards adjusted.
  • Battles that previously showed a messed up team select screen should now work properly

Welcome to the Christmas Wonderland in Lionheart: Dark Moon!

You will notice that the village has been winterized (The waterfall is even frozen!) and decorated along with there being a new Lionheart: Dark Moon icon!

Use clues left by the Black Mask to Hunt her down in our holiday themed event! Earn gifts during the event and turn them in for rewards at the Kitsune Card Table! This event will start on December 20th, at 12 Noon PST and run for 12 days!

  • Three Limited Time heroes join the roster: The Black Mask, Snow Stumbler & Moon Druid!
  • Two new pets are available to keep your heroes company!
  • New Feature: Draft heroes from your team and try to get further than the rest of your Brawl in the Draft Dungeon!

General Changes & Fixes

  • Tokens that drop from the world map have been switched up to allow players a better chance to build a well rounded team. This will happen roughly every month.
  • Players can now do a long hold (press) on the hero portraits in the Team Select screen to open the hero info pop up.
  • Players will now be able to receive mail upon login.

Bug Fixes:

  • The Guild Titan level bar should now reset properly for all users after level-up.
  • Guild icons should now only be visible in the pause menu.
  • When a guild request is accepted, the accepted player will appear to be in a guild right away now.
  • Players who switch guilds will no longer have their donated totals follow them to their new guild. This will reset to zero.
  • Arena daily gauntlet bar should be properly filled when complete.
  • When donating, all guild members’ donation counts should no longer increase.
  • The Guild message log can now stay scrolled to the bottom of its scroll region on 4:3 aspect ratio screens
  • The notification numbers on the Village screen’s Shop button and the Shop’s tabs should no longer be accumulated permanently after expired events
  • The hero level-up sequence from using XP Potions should now display the correct stat increases
  • The hero portraits in the side quest panels for side quests in progress should not be missing rarity gems.
  • Double XP potions should no longer be consumed when using XP potions.
  • Arena victory screen rank deltas are now always displayed as positive numbers.
  • Players completing 7 day rewards should no longer be receiving double daily rewards after completing the first 7 days of the reward cycle.
  • Instances of “Amnesia” in skill descriptions have been changed to “Silence”.  Amnesia had the same effect as Silence, so there is no functionality change.
  • Pet tooltip descriptions and quips should no longer stay in English after switching languages.

Other Fixes:

  • 18 day reward heroes should now be randomized.
  • Guild icons should now only be visible in the pause menu.
  • When a guild request is accepted, the accepted player will appear to be in a guild right away now.
  • Guild Generals should now be able to promote/demote other players, as well as kick.
  • Guild information now includes the “Language” field, which displays the language originally set by the creator of the Guild
  • Messages in the guild chat should no longer overlap.
  • Guild chat messages now properly display the player’s rank instead of literally “(Rank)”
  • Players can now see the profile on players requesting to join a guild.
  • Vice Leaders should be able to edit guild info.
  • Guilds: members pop up – info button contains ranks and roles info.
  • Guild member lists should now sort by donation amount.
  • Private guilds will no longer appear in “Recommended Guilds”. To join one, players will have to search for it by name.
  • Epic Gems should no longer be referred to as Titan Gems in the tooltip.
  • The Skill stat display was missing from Hero profile screens. It has now been added


Bug Fixes:

  • Mirror Champion and Caradivine Poisoner no longer take damage when Reflect skills activate
  • Ivy Elf Warden’s “Seed Barrage” now always Tangles non-wyld enemies and “Blessed Root” now properly “steals DEF”; a portion DEF is added to his stats, and removed from the target for 2 turns

  • Naga Paladin no longer needs “Mirror” Gems to upgrade
  • Dwarven Golem’s “Earth Blast” skill now charges and deals damage
  • Cat Sith’s “Fire Dance” skill upgrades now work properly
  • Frost Wisps “Frost Breath” skill upgrades now work properly

Balance Changes:

  • Naga Archer: “Arrow Storm” damage increased for first two shorts, and reduced for Crit. Third Arrow always burns.
  • Ursus Runecaster “Icy Ward” now Protects, boosts DEF, and gives a chance to freeze allies on hit
  • Shieldmaiden no longer does absurd amounts of damage after she uses her Shield Up! skill
  • Legendary Nat fixed > Channel the Vault now charges then buffs allies
  • Legendary Tim fixed > Inferno Blaze now always Crits, Awakened Sword burns Dark and Mirror


Bug Fixes:

  • The “Pink Tsula” pet’s “Always go first” effect should no longer cause heroes to deal reduced damage and should no longer cause extremely high Speed stat values to be displayed in the Hero menu.

Known Issues

  • Editing your Guild Titan doesn’t switch until the guild GUI is reopened.
  • Some Android users may experience pink effects when loading heroes in the Draft Dungeon.
  • Some users rank’s will not increase in the Draft Dungeon between battles. You need to exit the Draft Dungeon and re-enter to see your correct, updated position.

Date Published: Apr 16, 2018