Dark Moon Update: ​1.1.0

What’s New:

Guilds Make Their Entrance! Choose Your Titan!

Join a guild and connect with your friends, old and new alike. Players can make their own guild at a cost of 10,000 coins or join an existing one. Guilds all have a selected Guild Titan that provide bonus stats to that guild’s members. Guilds can unlock additional Guild Titans and work towards maxing them to their current max level of 11.

How do you max out a Guild Titan?

Players can donate extra hero tokens to their Guild Titan. When they donate tokens, they receive coins, and a progress bar fills. When the progress bar is full, a chest opens, which gives rewards to everyone in the Guild. Rewards are listed when the chest is tapped.

In addition to getting rewards when the bar is full, the Guild Titan levels up. Each time it levels up, the passives bonuses it gives increase.

Each Titan gives passive bonuses to every member in the Alliance. The bonus given depends on what titan was chosen to represent the guild. For example, if a player is in a Wyld Titan Guild, all heroes receive an X% health bonus in combat. When the player is in a Mirror guild, all heroes receive an X% atk bonus.

The second bonus titans give is a boost to heroes of their same property. If the player is in a Wyld guild, all of their wyld heroes will receive an X% damage bonus, in addition to the health bonus (that ALL heroes receive, regardless of property)

We have also added a Guild Chat function that let’s players communicate with other members of their Guild.

There are many more features planned for Guilds with upcoming updates. Stay tuned!

The Arena Has Received a Revamp in Both Matchmaking and Rewards!

  • All Arena Chests updated! Higher leagues give better rewards!
  • Matchmaking updated to prioritize Trophies.
  • Minimum Trophies from winning a battle has increased.
  • New Gauntlet Chests. Tap to see their rewards (up to x3 better!)
  • Gauntlet Chests now fill with enemy kills. There are 3 chests per refill to fill per reset.
  • All Gauntlet Chests now reward Hero Tokens!!!
  • Brawl rewards have also been updated.

Check Out Hero Information Using the Hero Profile! (Even For Those You Don’t Have!)

Players can now check out the information for all of the over 120 heroes in the game simply by tapping on their portrait from the hero collection pages.

Use the Player Profile to Check Out Your Friend’s, and Your Own, Progress in the Game!

Players can now click on their player profile card from the village and other locations. This will give information about favorite heroes, current area, level etc. You can also check out your guild mate’s profiles too! As part of the player profile, you can also choose an Hero portrait as an icon that you feel best defines you as a player! Also…players can now change their Village name from their Player Profile for a cost of 200 crowns!

  • Support for iPhone X has been added!
  • Tap battles in the World to see possible rewards for that battle!

Game Updates:

  • Side Quest chains are no longer repeatable. Should result in fewer hero-restricted side-quests showing up.
  • When browsing in the hero menu and a player uses the property filter, they will now have that filter choice remembered when tapping and scrolling through their team.
  • A new reward system for new players has been added. It will run for the first seven days and then that player will be converted over to the existing daily rewards system.
  • All player names should show correctly (even those in other languages).

General Balance:

  • True Strike replaces Max Crit. True Strike guarantees a Crit and pierces Vanish.
  • Potion drop rate reduced, especially in higher levels where the wrong type of potion was being awarded.
  • Speed no longer awards bonus crit chance.
  • Potion drop rates reduced (by 60%).
  • Silver keys no longer have a chance to reward legendaries.
  • Reflect will no longer deal a ridiculous amount of damage.

Date Published: Apr 16, 2018