Dark Moon Update: 1.0.4

LIVE UPDATE – November 14th, 2017

We really appreciate all the feedback that was received over the weekend. Balancing is something that we take seriously and we have made three main changes.

  • The Loot Token max has been set to 12 (full in 6 hours).
  • All rewards have been increased to match or exceed preupdate levels.
  • Loot Token regeneration has been slowed from 1 / 18 minutes to 1 / 30 minutes.

This should allow players to get more battles done each day, with lower pressure on each battle because of the increased rewards.

The increased rewards include:


Coins is where players will see the greatest increase. Changes include:

  • First battle wins now give 7x the coins that they previously did!
  • The amount of coins you can earn each day from World Battles has almost doubled.
  • Base XP has been increased (per battle).
  • You earn 2x normal XP from completing a battle the first time.
  • Has been increased to match slower energy regeneration.
  • Drop rates have been increased for all battles and all rarities.
  • Some daily goals now include loot tokens as rewards.
  • PVP rewards now include random Hero tokens.
  • Bronze key drop rates have been upped.
  • Silver key drop rates have been doubled.
  • Golden key drop rates have been upped.
  • Gem drop rates have been upped.
  • Potion drop rates upped to match.
  • Epic pets can drop from later battles.
  • Pet drop rates upped.
  • Very Rare pet drop rates further increased by 25%.

Bug Fix:

  • Shadow Shroom should now correctly only add 1 stack of Corruption to each enemy instead of a  number equal to the number of enemies to each enemy.
  • Reflect should no longer be able to scale to 100%.

Known issues with this update:

  • The village will not look as bright as it usually does until the next update.

1.0.4 – Update Notes for Lionheart: Dark Moon

What’s New:

Our players asked and we have listened! Energy has been removed from the game!

Energy and Kitsune Chips have been removed and replaced with Loot Tokens. Here are some key points explaining how they work:

  • Winning each battle that has been previously completed consumes a Loot Token if one is available, to award loot.
  • If one is not available, no loot is awarded, but hero XP is still awarded.
  • Loot is always awarded and Loot Tokens are not consumed when completing new PvE, challenge event, or PvP battles.
  • Loot Tokens are not consumed when being defeated.
  • Loot Tokens regenerate at a rate of 1 per 18 minutes, which will regenerate to a maximum of 10.
  • Purchased Loot Tokens can be gained above the regeneration maximum of 10.

Two new events have been added: Naga Oasis & Cadaverine Challenge!

  • We have two new event that will run over separate weekends.

With the new events come the Naga Scaleguard & Cadaverine Poisoner heroes.

PVP matching is improved.

Bug Fixes:

  • Frost Bumbler’s skill list will now load properly and have the correct set of skills in battle.
  • Reaver Cleaver will no longer be sorted in front of smaller heroes.
  • Goals should now be working as intended.
  • +much more.

New Heroes:

Cadaverine Poisoner

  • With his basic attack, he poisons the target by throwing a vial of poison
  • Can spray a highly toxic cloud at the enemies, stacking poison to the max
  • Has a special antidote that can cleanse a hero and boost its attack
  • Surrounded by a toxic mist, poisoning attackers and reflecting damage

Naga Scaleguard

  • Utterly devoted to her creator, the god Divulc, she shields her allies from the start of battle
  • Can boost all allies’ defense and make Gaea heroes guarantee crits
  • Can damage and stun enemies with a blinding beam off her shield, dealing double damage to Mirror and Dark enemies
  • Protects allies and reflects damage while charging a challenging spear with double the chance to crit

New Events:

Naga Oasis

Help the Naga explore the fallen star and the uprising of Wyld energy in Ibrim. Use ONLY Gaea heroes. New Hero: Naga Scaleguard!

Black Friday with the Cadeverine!

The Cadaverine are taking over! Help them claim superiority over the rest of the Mirror’s forces in a limited time Mirror vs. Mirror dungeon. Sales and Flash Sales will be released over the weekend, along with a LIMITED TIME HERO: The Cadaverine Poisoner.

Other Fixes:

  • Goals should now work as intended.
  • Hallowe’en decorations have been taken down in the village.

Game Updates:

  • Mid-tier Wyld, Dark, Gaea, Elemental and Mirror Keys now summon only Very Rare or above heroes.

General Balance:

  • Defense capped at 95% damage reduction (up from minimum of 1 damage)
  • Immunity-granting abilities (and passives) now remove that passive from themselves. This affects characters like the Midnight Wolf and Stitch Scholar’s Benevolence.
  • Previously passives like the Flame Blobs, Scorcher, required the character to be the primary target of an attack. Now all recipients of an attack will trigger any passive which applies statuses to their attacker. This makes characters like the flame blob, very effective against characters with AoE abilities.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed the burn, applied by the Flame Blob’s Scorcher passive, to tick twice. Previously it would deal damage, once on the turn it’s applied and once again on the next turn.
  • Applying immunity to a effect type should now remove any stacks of that effect.
  • Purge should now display what was purged.
  • Damage previews should be more accurate for characters with, AoE charged abilities, purge & damage abilities and consume buffs to deal damage abilities.
  • Drain abilities now correctly heal based on damage done (and overall should heal more)

Character Changes:

  • Lesser Owl’s Hoot ⅔ upgrade cost fixed
  • >Red Branch Mercenary upgrade cost fixed
  • Cadaverine Shadowdancer’s Shadow Execution Damage reduced by 30%
  • Stitch Scholar’s Benevolence now correctly applies on a single target
  • Midnight Wolf’s Through Moonlight now prevents passive Vanishes
  • Koscha’s Inferno Charge Lv. 2 and Lv. 3 no longer add stacks of burning (which wasn’t working, anyways). Instead, Lv. 2 adds bonus Crit Chance. Lv. 3 adds Stun.
  • Reaver Cleaver’s Tomahawk now deals more damage, and has a longer cooldown
  • Reaver Cleaver’s Tomahawk now has a chance to bleed per enemy
  • Reaver Cleaver now has more health at the cost of skill power
  • Rose Archer’s Marked Shot Lv. 1 now correctly ALWAYS Bullseye
  • Lust Goblin’s Mesmerize Lv. 2 now correctly applies Bullseye
  • Red Branch Ranger’s “Flare” Skill now correctly applies Bullseye for both Lv. 1 and 2
  • Characters with the “Ogre” Passive now resist Stun effects 100% of the time
  • Wyld Guardian’s Skill “Wooden Fist” buffed
  • “Wolf” Passive now grants a small buff to other wolves’ attack. Damage grows as the Wolf is leveled up

Big Balance Changes:

  • Corruption now deals 50% of enemy MAX HP as damage, ignoring defense and property.

Before, corruption damage was incorrectly calculated based on the SKILL POWER of the last hit. You could stack up corruption with weak heroes, then finish it off with one very strong hero… or vice versa, have corruption ruined by hitting the 3rd stack with a very weak hero.

Corruption is meant (and balanced) as consistent bonus damage, especially useful against high-HP and high-DEF enemies. It shouldn’t kill enemies  by itself, but be part of teams and strategies that focus on consistently corrupting the entire enemy team and getting perks from doing so. Heroes like the Cadaverine Corruptor, Shadowdancer, and others exemplify this. They can corrupt on their own, but it’s much easier when someone else is lending them a helping hand.

This is a BIG change to a lot of heroes, and we don’t want corruption to be useless so we’ll be monitoring player feedback.

  • Defense down damage abilities deal damage BEFORE defense reduction.
  • Base damage has been increased to compensate.

Heroes like the Mirror Knight were double dipping with skills that reduce defense. The intention was to have these big-damage abilities knock away the enemy’s defense… leaving them vulnerable to enemy hits. Now, these skills will reduce defense AFTER dealing damage… Leaving them open to combo’s by team-mates, instead of being a 1-stop shop. For heroes like the Mirror Knight, this means a substantial nerf… but hopefully a more level playing field for teams that have to face him in battle.

If you reduce defense before these big-hit skills do damage, you’ll still reap the same massive damage boost.

Wound Buffs:
  • Wound does 20% of enemy HP as damage & can’t be cleansed. Up from 15%.

Wound is meant to be an effect that is useful at the start of the fight, but becomes less important as the fight drags on. For healing-based fights, it’s a constant drain that can’t be avoided. For teams that thrive at low HP, it’s a nuisance. When used in combination with Poison, it becomes a powerhouse stacking debuff.

Date Published: Apr 16, 2018