Dark Moon Update: 1.0.2

What’s New:

Collect the new LEGENDARY Watcher by collecting Dark Souls!

The Watcher’s Key has been found, but it does not have enough power by itself to complete the summon… But the Corbies have a way to power the Key; Collect Dark Souls from to charge the Watcher’s Key and unleash the guardian of the afterlife.

  • The Village is all spooked out for the holiday.
  • The village has been decorated for the Day of the Dead!

Charge the Star Key with Summons for an EPIC or LEGENDARY Hero!

With every key you use to summon a new hero from the summoner you will charge your Star Key a bit more until you earn enough to use the Star key to summon an Epic or Legendary Hero! Once you summon using a star key you will be able to fill it again and again.

  • Brand new Environment created for Heroes doing battle in the Arena.
  • Check out this gorgeous new map to do battle on in the PVP Arena!

​More Ways to Replenish Your Energy Through Increased Rewards.

Players will be able to earn more energy from two main sources. Daily Goals have increased in number from 3 to 5 allowing for players to complete more for energy rewards. The other place is from PVP chests, which will now all contain 10 units of energy!

Changes to PVP Battle Rewards and Goals, Allow You to Earn More Coins!

​Along with more goals that will provide more coins, PVP battles chests will now only cost 1/3/3/5/5 wins to open. In addition to the energy mentioned above, they will provide double the coins at the early leagues than they currently do.

For Campaign Battles That You Lose, You Will NowRreceive XP!

Players will now receive XP from campaign battles that are unsuccessful. This will be displayed in the defeat screen.

New Hero: The Watcher

Legendary, Dark

A supportive Dark Hero with the ability to boost Dark allies in battle passively, and with her skill that revives dark heroes to full health. Basic attacks can heal block enemies, shield allies and boost her skill power.

New Events:

Summon the Watcher (To run on the weekend around Hallowe’en)

Collect Dark Souls by defeating Dark Heroes on the World Map! Unlock rewards, like the Skull Cat Pet, Corbie Keys and lots of gems!

  • The top prize is a new Legendary Hero; the Watcher!
  • Fight with Corbies in your team to earn bonus souls from battles with Dark enemies!
  • If the total souls collected by the World reaches 20,000,000 … All players will get a reward!

Red Branch Revenge (To run over a future weekend)

Help the Red Branch take back their ancestral home in Trelis by fighting with Dark heroes. Earn tokens for the Red Branch Scout, Ranger and Mercenary.

New Store Bundles:

New Daemonologist Bundle with: EPIC Corbie Daemonologist hero, new EPIC Skull Cat pet, 10 Hero Tokens for an instant rarity boost, and plenty of Dark gems, just in time for the Day of the Dead!

New Pet

The Skull Cat has been added with the ability to let you revive once upon death.

News for iOS Users

Stickers have been added for Hallowe’en

Other Fixes:

  • All goals should now properly track credit
  • Brazilian Portuguese no longer displays blank strings
  • Game no longer gets stuck on loading overlay after switching languages
  • There is a new defeat screen in-game
  • “NEW ENEMY” button can’t get the same player twice in a row as was happening prior to this update
  • Side quests with required hero can no longer have 2 copies of that hero

Balance Changes

General Balance:

  • Players will now receive XP from campaign battles that are unsuccessful in the defeat screen.
  • Warcaller bundle Lv2 now gives Elemental gems instead of Gaea
  • Daemonologist bundle added
  • Toxic Yona added to the game
  • Property defense pets  (eg. Toxic Yona) now correctly reduce by 30%, not 75%.
  • Daily Goals have more time (48 hours)
  • New Daily Goals added.
  • Some daily goals are easier (bounty)
  • Upgrade Goals are harder (eg. Upgrade Pets, Skills, Potions, Summons)
  • PvP Chests give more energy
  • Chance of silver & gold keys from battles has been increased
  • Stormfur Bay is had it’s difficulty increased
  • Tumbledowns has become slightly harder
  • Trelis Battles will become slightly less difficult

Character Changes/Fixes:

  • New Hero: The Watcher
  • Ice Elemental’s Hard Punch skill now deals more damage.
  • Ice Elemental’s Ice Spikes skill now deals more damage
  • Shadow Seedling’s skills now correctly upgrade
  • Crystal Wisp’s basic attack now correctly targets the enemy
  • Timothy’s Firewind has a lower chance to burn
  • Oathbound Warrior’s Frigid Armour Shields More and Correctly Chills on Hit
  • High-rarity pets were scaling much more powerfully than intended. They have been brought to the intended power levels
  • Mirror Jelly was overpowered and has been reduced in power to improve balance
  • Sap Stumbler’s “Sappy Ball” 2/3 to 3/3 has been fixed so that it doesn’t cost “999999” Giant Wyld Gems to level
  • Battles will no longer get stuck due to having the Mirror Whelp in your team
  • Ivy Elf Druid’s “Cure” skill has been fixed so that it doesn’t cost “999999” Epic Wyld Gems to level
  • Rune Mother’s “Protect Young” protect young description has changed to reflect the skill
  • Shadow Seedling’s drain and purge effects now work
  • Flame Caller will now Vanish when hit with damage
  • Lava Elemental’s “Igneous Shield” can now be used on an ally
  • Ivy Elf Warden’s “Seed Barrage” will now always tangle non-Wyld heroes
  • Flame Caller’s “Purifying Flame” will now only hit one enemy
  • Bomb Burster regens all of it’s allies instead of only itself
  • Midnight Bear’s “Claws of Dusk” skill now has a cooldown
  • Stitch Invoker’s “Benevolence” skill’s silence immunity now lasts permanently.
  • Centaur Berserker’s “Axe Cleave” now matches the description instead of always applying Wound
  • An upgrade description has been added for the Frost Unicorn’s “Heart of the North” skill
  • An upgrade description has been added for the Shield Crab’s “Shield Heart” skill
  • An upgrade description has been added for the Frost Unicorn’s “Heart of the North” skill
  • The Flame Blob’s now burns attackers on level 2

Known Issues we Continues to Work On:

On the first session after signing in with Game Center or Google Play or after any in-game automatic reload, in-app purchases will appear to not work properly during that session. A workaround is to manually close and restart the game, which automatically restores any purchases that were made.

Date Published: Apr 16, 2018