Dark Moon Update: 1.0.1

What’s New:

  • Dark Moon is World Wide with 14 languages! We are now available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic, Indonesian, Russian and Turkish.
  • Howling Peaks and the Shard of Whispers are unleashed!
  • Boss Boost! Bosses are harder, and have better rewards!
  • Other various fixes!

New Area: Howling Peaks

The heart of the maelstrom, a ruined kingdom perched in storm-lashed mountains. Make it to the end to battle the Shard of Whispers.

New Store Bundles:

  • Baby Dragon Whelp: Collect this RARE Mirror Whelp hero & tokens.
  • Epic Wyld Huntress: Master the hunt with this EPIC hero & tokens
  • Midnight Wolf Spirit: Prowl the forest with this hero & tokens.
  • Mysterious Big Pet Box: Bump… Bump… EPIC pet inside!

Other Fixes:

  • Languages not in the game’s language list should no longer display blank text areas and get disconnected.
  • The Summoner should no longer get stuck when receiving Hero Tokens for a max-level max-rarity hero.
  • Quest refresh button should now work as intended.

Balance Changes:


  • Protect’s duration has been reduced to 2 turns.
  • Lava Elemental’s solidfy only affects himself.
  • Ghul now has his correct ‘To Dust’ skill and can unlock more skills
  • Vaultkeeper’s Vault Wrath has a cooldown, but will deal more damage
  • Vaultkeeper’s Vault Wrath hits 3 times
  • Ivy Warden’s Seed Arrows now correctly tangles
  • Mirror Champion’s Dark Lance now correctly Bleeds non-mirror targets
  • Runemother’s Widowmaker now has a longer cooldown.
  • Runemother’s Powerweave now damages enemies. Amnesia.
  • Runemother’s Protect Young now revives Gaea allies, shields more, and has a longer cooldown.
  • Legendary Timothy’s Vault Master skill now applies to all allies, and gives the correct amount.
  • Legendary Timothy’s upgrade order has been corrected.
  • Legendary Natalia’s Vault Sage skill now applies to all allies.
  • Legendary Natalia’s upgrade order has been corrected.


  • Bosses now have more HP (in general).
  • Bosses now resist burning, poison and bleeding.
  • Bosses are more likely to use their other skills.
  • Skill Lock now lasts longer.
  • Koscha the Deathless:
    • Burning Speed now regenerates Koscha.
    • Burning Speed’s attack bonus now lasts longer.
    • Burning Speed has a longer cooldown.
    • Koscha is now immune to Burn.
  • The Frog King:
    • Enemy placement improved!
    • Swamp Skin has a lower chance to poison, but regenerates more.
    • Sticky Tongue locks skills away for longer.
    • Marsh Bellows does more damage.
    • Bullet Frog’s attack reduction lasts longer.
  • The Runemother:
    • Runic Blast now deals WAY more damage.
  • Flamecaller:
    • The Flame Caller’s power has been increased!
    • Pyromania does more damage (overall).
    • Purifying Flame now only hits one enemy.
    • Purifying Flame now silences with every hit.
    • Fire Dance now provides a stronger barrier AND heals more.
    • Fire Dance now boosts the Flamecaller’s attack.
    • Fire Dance no longer protects.
    • Summon Elementals has a longer cooldown.
    • Lava Elementals no longer Solidify.
  • Mirror Drake:
    • Even MORE HP
  • Broken King:
    • Enemy placement improved!
  • Shard of Stone:
    • Now has MORE DEFENSE!

Known Issues we continue to work on:

After switching languages from the options menu, the game gets stuck on a loading overlay when entering the map screen.  The workaround is to fully restart the game from the app list.

Date Published: Apr 16, 2018