Dark Moon Update: 1.0.0

What’s New:

Side Quests

This new feature will allow you to get your heroes working for you while you are off conquering other parts of the game

Choose from a main quest line, or random single quests. Some of the random quests are repeatable (destroy x barrels for example), and when one quest is finished, another will be available for you to take on. The main quest lines pop in and out based on which previous quests you’ve completed.

To complete these quests, send up to 6 heroes per timed, automatic quest to areas you’ve unlocked! Assign heroes to quests based on restrictions, like property (wyld, elemental, etc…) or required heroes (eg. must use rose archer). You need more power to raise your chance of success.

Leave your team to do their thing while you enjoy other areas of the game. Once they return, you will see if they have succeeded or failed. If you team comes back victorious, you will earn Hero Tokens, Coins, and XP for the Heroes that partook in each of your successful quests.

  • Ursus Arena: Heroes have defeated the Cadaverine, but they only had half of the Watcher’s Key. Travel to Stormfur Bay, where the Ursus have the second half. Prove your strength against the Ursus in combat, and they’ll give you what you seek…
  • Four New Heroes to Collect: Cadaverine Shadowdancer, Cadaveriner Corruptor, Mirror Ogre, Centaur Berserker.
  • Three New Areas to Explore: Solumnia, Desert of Fangs & Underroads.

New Heroes:

  • Cadaverine Shadowdancer: Swift, corrupting assassin. She stays permanently vanished and can deliver corrupting blows.
  • Cadaveriner Corruptor: She sows the seeds of corruption in advance of the Mirror’s armies, delivering devastating magical blows.
  • Mirror Ogre: What could be worse than a giant ogre that stuns and corrupts with each hit. His Shadow Quake stuns all enemies, while Shard Surge deals heavy damage to all non-mirror enemies.
  • Centaur Berserker: The Lancer’s big brother, with a huge axe and a tendency to slam into enemies and damage them both… and fly into a berserk rage.

New Areas & Story Balance:

  • Solumnia: Unlocked: The greatest military power in the East, a bulwark against the forces of the Mirrorlands.
  • Desert of Fangs: Unlocked: A cold desert, far to the south; home to the dreaded Cath Sith.
  • Underroads: Unlocked: A labyrinth of dwarven ruins and caverns, lost underground during the shattering.
  • All areas have received balancing changes. The difficulty ramp should be much smoother.

New Store Bundles:

  • Gem Bundle + Big Gem Bundle added to the store. Finally, a way to buy the gems you need to unlock your hero’s skills!
  • Pet Box + Big Pet Box added to the store. Contains pets of all rarities and sizes… Except commons.
  • Various other bundles added to the game, for users along their campaign. Keep playing to uncover more! Includes:

    • Ibrim Bundle with the Ibrim Assassin
    • Fenlands Bundle with Wyld Keys and Gems
    • Centaur Bundle with Centaur Tokens
    • Trelis Bundle with the Mirror Knight and Mirror Tokens

Other Fixes:

  • Sound effects have been fixed to now sync up with the combat in the game so that players will not notice a delay during battle.

Balance Changes


  • Freeze now lasts 2 turns.
  • Freeze now reduces damage taken by 50% for the first hit.
  • Burning now lasts 1 turn, but deals big damage.
  • Poison now lasts 3 turns (instead of unlimited)
  • Wound now lasts forever, but does not stack.
  • Drain (STAT) skills should now have the correct duration.
  • Burn now deals less damage.
  • Defense damage skills should work correctly.


Many skills have received changes to their descriptions and effects to increase clarity. Below are the majority of changes, but some other characters may also be affected!

  • Last Gasp skills with negative effects now all deal damage.
  • Salamander Archer: Flurry of Flame has a lower chance to burn.
  • Enthorned Archer: Thorn Shot has a higher chance to poison.
  • Shadow Shroom: Skill set has been reworked!
  • Shadow Shroom: Brain Fuddle now lowers enemy ATK for 1 – 2 turns.
  • Shadow Shroom: Lethargy has been replaced with Rage Spores.
  • Shadow Shroom: New Skill! Rage Spores – Boost an ally’s ATK and barrier!
  • Shadow Shroom: New Skill! Corruption Spores – Last gasp corrupt the enemy team.
  • Crystal Wisp: Basic attack now steals ATK and deals damage.
  • Cadaverine Reaper: Skulking Strike’s description fixed. “Deal damage and vanish.”
  • Cadaverine Reaper: Doom now has 1 lower cooldown but only does bullseye x1
  • Timothy: Vault Slash Lv. 2 doesn’t increase damage
  • Frost Unicorn: Aurora Magic Lv. 2+ now Cleanse.
  • Red Branch Mercenary: Intimidate deals damage.
  • Red Branch Mercenary: Intimidate always reduces ATK.
  • Red Branch Scout: Ambush Lv. 2 no longer increases vanish.
  • Red Branch Scout: Ambush Lv. 2 increases damage.
  • Red Branch Wolf: Greater Swipe Lv. 2 no longer increases damage.
  • Red Branch Wolf: Greater Swipe Lv. 2 no longer increases chance to Wound.
  • Enthorned Knight: Poison Blade now deals more damage.
  • Enthorned Knight: Poison Blade no longer boosts damage.
  • Enthorned Knight: Warcry now always has a cooldown of 3.
  • Bomb Bumbler: Volatile now deals damage on death.
  • Sap Stumbler: Sappy Ball Lv. 1 no longer reduces atk.
  • Sap Stumbler: Sappy Ball Lv. 3 always reduces atk.
  • Sap Stumbler: Sappy Ball no longer skill locks.
  • Sap Stumbler: Awaken levels have changed.
  • Sap Stumbler: Sap Magic Lv. 2 added. Cleanses.
  • Wyld Primal: Fist missile has been renamed to Wooden Fist.
  • Oathbound Warrior: Frigid Armour Lv. 2, 3 always Chill attackers.
  • Frost Unicorn: Aurora Magic Lv. 3 no longer permanent barriers
  • Frost Unicorn: Aurora Magic Lv. 3 reduces cooldown.
  • Centaur Drummer: War Drums always lowers ATK.
  • Naga Paladin: Zealous Slash Lv. 2 only increases damage.
  • Ibrim Sentinel: Shank Lv. 2 always Wounds.
  • Ibrim Sentinel: Murderous Cut Lv. 2 description corrected.
  • Ursus Runecaster: Sub Zero Slam Lv. 2, 3 always Chill.
  • Mirror Tick: Enfeeble now deals damage.
  • Mirror Broken: Corruption Shards now always corrupts.
  • Unicorn: Grace now Cleanses x1.
  • Crystal Wisp: Barrier now cleanses.
  • Salamander Berserker: Conduit of Rage Lv. 2 removed.
  • Salamander Berseker: New Skill! Critical Dive! Damage an enemy and yourself. Crit wyld.
  • Naga Archer: Zealous removed.
  • Naga Archer: New Skill! Sun’s Blessing. Cleanse yourself. More ATK. More DEF!
  • Naga Archer: Now starts with concussive arrows
  • Centaur Drummer: Interis Song now cleanses.
  • CentaCentaur Drummer: War Drums now heals slightly.
  • Centaur Drummer: War Drums now boost wyld attack more.
  • Shadow Seedling: Jab Lv. 2 purges a buff.
  • Shadow Seedling: Shadowsynthesis Lv. 2+ now boosts your ATK.
  • Pride Goblin: New passive! Goblin King: Goblins get bonus ATK in battle.
  • Pride Goblin: Upgrade order changed.
  • Frost Unicorn: Allies become immune to freeze + burn.
  • Centaur Lancer: Spear stab Lv. 2 now has a chance to wound enemies.
  • Undead Brute: Rend Lv. 2 always crits Gaea.
  • Shield Crab: New passive! Shield Heart. Half your HP becomes a shield.
  • Shield Crab: Harden Lv. 3 no longer exists.
  • Shield Crab: Harden now boosts DEF by more. Shields.
  • Ivy Warden: Seed Arrows no longer drains. Tangle non-Wyld.
  • Ivy Warden: Tangleroot renamed Blessed Root. Steal defense + drain.
  • Ivy Herbalist: Overgrowth now purges.
  • Ivy Herbalist: Herbalism now boosts ally DEF.
  • Rose Knight: True Strike now boosts ATK.
  • Tiamat: Arrow Storm renamed Holy Storm
  • Tiamat: Holy Storm hits 3 random enemies. Lv. 2 Burns on last hit. Lv. 3 always crits dark.
  • Tiamat: Bless renamed Solar Blessing. Full heals an ally.
  • Salamander Berserker: Raging Sword Lv. 2+ has a chance to burn.
  • Midnight Wolf: New passive. Through Moonlight. Start with vanish. Enemies can’t vanish.
  • Midnight Unicorn: Fade Into Night heals.

Date Published: Apr 16, 2018